01. september 2003

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                         NAAAA, PA SEE!!!!

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Oleeeey.. oley oley oley!!

I have taken a short film of a soccer (fodballe) game in Odense. In the end it was a draw and a very cultural experiance.



Whatch as Amanda and Bruno battle to find the correct pronuciation of "Fredericia"


Whatch the Danes do what they do best. Battle. Charging, yelling and killing. This was at a medievil festival in Odense. Quiet the good, there was alot of stuff to look at.

Pont Du Gard?? Right there..

Here is a "pan" of the Pont du gard, just to see what it looks like there.

Torcher!!...he he he..

Hahahaha, i dont think emily will volintere for this again.

She has been buried in sand, and un abel to move. And then we found out that she is extremly ticklish.


Hey we couldent find anything else we could do, all i can say this is what will end up happening when you have lots of Brazilians and no alcohole.

Oh How she tries!!!

This is amanda, one that cant tell a joke because she is over powered with her laughing habbits.


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