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Hey this is school and stuff. The title talks for itself. This page will have alot more on it when the next updats comes.

Vestfyns Gymnasium

 Link to my school web site

I go to Vestfyns Gymnasium In a town called Glamsbejg. There are 3 grades in the Gymnasium. I am in the last half of grade 1 and in the first half of grade 2. My school has about 400 students im told and has all the normal stuff. But here at this school we studie all the normal subjects here. but we dont have tech (wood work)and we learn languages like german and spanish and french.

And this school Is just one big building, not like Yank or Rapidbay school just one building with Big halways every where.

Sprog Skole

I also goto a language school in Odense with the other exchnage students. We go every Tuseday and Thursday. Its pretty good because it makes an excuse to go into Odense regulary and also to talk to people about the so very different Danes.


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