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31. august 2003

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Hello and welcome to my scrap book, here i put my thoughts on Denmark and everything else. There are a couple of links just bellow to break up the scrap book a bit. i hope you use a open mide for my thoughts i know they can be a bit hard to under stand.

Travels and Events Movies School and stuff

Travels an Events

My Travels out and around Danmark. And my parties and festival i have gone to.



My Cool short Clips Of all the stuff around.

School And Stuff

My School and stuff.

I Can Buy alcahole

Well I am in denmark and i can legally buy alcohole YES. It is extremly good considering you see it every were. like they sell vodka in the normal everyday supermarkets. And it is the same with beer, you dont need to go to a drive through or a pub. Beer here is very cheep too and you get a free beer for ever 7 beers you drink because the recycle rate is so high. There is no such thing as a danish party with out alcohole at any age. Alot of the danes start drinking alcohole at about 8 or 10. So they get over drinking before they get to their driving age. Alot of people say that danes drink the most alcohole and im starting to think its true. Also some danes think that beer is danish water.

I Broke My Toe

If anyone wanted to know, I droped my suitcase on my toe when I was touring around europe. It then got infected and i have had to go to the doctors and get it fixed it was extremly painful. About 6 injections in my big toe, because i could still feel it after the first few.



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