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Ahh, Brisbane, the town that I have called home for almost 18 years. It has recently been replaced, sure, but don't for one second imagine that that has anything to do with it's quality.
Brisbane is a quality town.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, the Sunshine State, on the east coast of Australia, about half way up.

In my opinion, Brisbane has the best weather of any city in Australia. It is hot in summer, and it isn't cold in winter. We don't have to searing heat of the northern cities, or the freezing cold of the southern cities.


It's the best of both worlds.


For those of you with a Danish point of view, which I think might be many of you, Brisbane is about the same size as Copenhagen.


Not a small town at all.


Brisbane is home to many Australian landmarks, such as......


Ok, that's a lie.


Brisbane is home to many QUEENSLAND landmarks such as The Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt.Coot-tha, The Treasury Casino, The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, The University of Queensland, The Brisbane River, Suncorp Stadium/Lang Park, The Breakfast Creek Hotel and the Cavill Norman Steakhouse. 


Well, I think that those last three are Queensland landmarks.


Anyway, Brisbane was a great place to grow up in, because it is a city which still retains the calm element which many large cities today have lost. When you are in the middle of Brisbane, you do not feel as though the city is rushing around you, but rather moving at a comfortable pace. 


Brisbane has good chi.


So now that you have heard a little about this grand old town, would you like to see a picture?


I thought so.



Sorry, its a bit blurry, and not too good. I will try to find a better one when I have time.


Viva La Bris-Vegas!


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