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11-13 Februar 2004

København og Roskilde

This was a seriously cool three days. I caught the train to København and met Annikki and Tommy, my Danish teacher from Australia and her boyfriend, who live in KBH. You can see a picture of them on the 'Denmark' photos page. We basically did a week's worth of sightseeing in 2-and-a-bit days. We included such marvels as Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid statue in the harbour), Rundetaarn (the round tower in the centre of town, built in 1642 and allowing you an uninterrupted 360* view of the city), The Carlsberg Brewery (national landmark if you ask me), Strøget (the world's largest pedestrian shopping mall... about the same size as inner-city Brisbane...), the occasional bodega (bar), Roskilde Domkirke (the cathedral where all the Danish Royals are buried since the 9th Century), the Amaliensborg Palace complex (the residence of Queen Margrethe and the rest of them...where Frederic and Mary will probably live too), Christiania (an independent hippie colony where marijuana is sold freely at street stalls and the people live without paying taxes or generally conforming to the government's way of thinking at all...) and any number of other things which I cannot think of at the moment. I don't think I have ever written a longer sentence than that one right there. Wow. So you get the general idea. We had an absolute ball, and I can't wait to go back!

My buddy Den Lille Havfrue and I.

The main entrance of Christiania.

The back of the main entrance of Christiania. This is all that you are allowed to photograph of the settlement. Inside Christiania itself, photography is strictly forbidden due to the amount of illegal activity that goes on. :) The text reads "You are now entering the EU" (European Union).


21-22 Februar 2004



Another exceedingly cool place, right up in the northern part of Jylland, the west island of Danmark, and the island on which I live. My host mum Birgitte's brother Flemming and his family live here, because Flemming is an officer in the Danish Navy. The main feature of Fredrikshavn is the bloody great naval base which dominates the town. Lucky me, I got to go inside (and keep my security clearance card!) and check out navy battleships, submarines that had just returned from Iraq, and other general military-type stuff. After we left the base, we went up the cliffs behind the town, which have heaps of German military bunkers left over from World War II when the Germans took command of Denmark and used it as a military outpost to defend against the Allies. We also checked out a Danish beach (rather unimpressive), ate deer that Flemming had shot on a hunting trip last year, and played with their Australian sprenger spaniel puppy. Yep. Australian. All things accounted for, it was a great weekend. However we just found out (in late March) that Flemming will be required to complete a 6 month tour of duty in Kosovo as a peacekeeper, leaving in September. The downsides of a military life. 

Me standing on top of the Fredrikshavn cliffs, on top of a German WWII bunker, looking out to sea.

I love big guns. Out the front of the German bunker.



Travel news.... PARIS! The City of Love!

I will be saying 'Bonjour Paris' on the 10th of May 2004, for 5 full days and four nights, together with the other inbound Aspect exchange students. There will probably be about ten of us, mostly Aussies, all 18. Booyah!