Czech Republic at Easter

12/04 - 19/04

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   Well, this was one very good trip. I had an excllent time and saw a lot of great things. Here we go:

13/04- Today we went and did some touristy things. First we went to Terezin's, a prison/concentration camp that was built in the late 18th century, but it was mainly used during WW2. Unfortunatly because of the flooding last year, a lot of it has been destroyed and was not open to the public. After this we drove to Strekov Castle in Usti nad Labem. Here we had a very nice lunch and then Solvej and I went to the top of the castle for a great view. We then went back to Litomeric for an icecream and then home.


14/04- This morning we left Ustek and drove to beautiful Prague where we will spend the next 2 days. We arrived and headed straight for the markets. After a couple of hours of trying on clothes and barganing for cheaper prices we had lunch at a Czechish McDonalds then drove off to the centre of town. The car was parked at Sparta Football Club and we headed for the Karls Bridge. All the buildings in Prague are beautiful and a lot are covered in statues or art. We walked across the bridge, stopping to touch one of the statues for good luck. The whole statue is black except for the two spots that you must touch. These pots are shiney bronze. After crossing the bridge we walked past a lot of little shops selling souvenirs. Finally we reached our hotel. At this point Bjarke left Solvej and I and headed off to Slovakia. After dinner we went for a walk and all the main buildings, the clock tower, a big church, the Karls Bridge, Prague Castle were lit up. It was very pretty, and because of the great weather it wasn't cold.


15/04- After breakfast we headed into town. First we were going to take a carriage ride but they weren't there yet so we went up into the clock tower. At the top you get a great 360 degree view of Prague....of course I took lots of photos! We saw that the horses were now there so we went down and got into a carriage. The ride was good and went through the streets of downtown Prague, past all the major buildings. We said goodbye to the horses and did some souvenir shopping on our way to the Bridge. At the bridge I went up into another tower. This one is at the start of the Karls Bridge. From here I got some good photos of the bridge full of people! Once I had come back down we bought a ticket for a small boat cruise on the river. But, first we had to eat lunch. But, just before eating I talked to my mum and dad to tell them what a great time I was having. After lunch we went back to the boats and hopped on the next one. The trip was really nice and we found out some great storied about the bridge and some other landmarks. Once again, more pictures. This time some of where Vin Desiel lay at the end of Triple X. After this trip we went into the last tower at the other side of the bridge. It gave us another great view looking back to the main area of Prague. Crossing back over the bridge we stopped so that Solvej could have a sillhoet done. We then headed back to the hotel for another very good, and very cheap meal. After dinner we headed out on the town again.


16/04- Today we had breakfast, checked out and went to the markets. After a couple of hours there we met up with Bjarke and drove back to Ustek.


17/04- Today we went to the worst zoo I have ever been to! Some of the animals were doing ok, but the first ones we saw were not having a very good time! There were 2 sea lions in some water that was muddy, had rubish in it and was only about 40cm deep, not even enough for them to swim!! It was very sad. We didn't see the whole zoo because it wasn't very good and we were getting hungry and the zoo didn't have any nice food. So, we drove back to Litomeric and spent at afternoon relaxing at Babylon.


18/04- Today we went to the markets for the 3rd and last time. We had sme final shopping to do and I managed tofind some pants that fit. So I bought 2 pairs for 1300 czech money. Which turns out to be $70 aus. Not bad for two pairs of jeans! Solvej bought in total 15 t-shirts, 2 jumpers, 2 pairs of pants, some slippers, sunglasses and some bath oils!!! After lunch at the markets we went back to Litomeric. We had about an hour to fill in before the Circus so Solvej and I went to the top of Kalich, the small tower in the centre of Litomeric. Next we had an icecream and then went to the Circus. Circus Andreas was really good! It had a bit of everything. Juggalors, a clown, balancing, horses, camels, a big snake, bears that could play basketball, lions, tigers and 2 giant porcupines! The circus went for around 2 hours and was really good!


19/04- Today the weather has gone really bad so we decided to drive home. So after a nice lunch we left Litomeric and drove back to denmark.    


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