Czech Republic and Vienna

16/07- 30/07

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16/07- After an all nighter in the car and slight problems at the border we finally arrived in the sunny C.R. at around 6:30am! This time we had Giselle with us. Naturally the first thing we did was go to bed for a couple of hours before having lunch around 2. For lunch we went to good 'ol Babylon and stuffed our faces! Afterwards we had an ice-cream and then headed home. Another short rest and we were down at the lake swimming and it was great! After a couple of hours we went home, Giselle to bed whilst the rest of us went in search of food.


17/07- Today we left about 11 and drove out to the markets in Prague. Nothing had changed apart from a few more people being there. At the markets we met up with Bj's work friend Mette and her husband John. We met them for lunch and then they went into the city whilst Giselle and I had more of a look around. We got into Prague around 4 and were halfway over the bridge when it started to get very cloudy and windy, so, we met up with Bj and co. again and went to the Old Town Square. We spent a little while there before heading to the restaurant. The food was very good and afterwards we walked home in the rain.


18/07-  Today we got up a little earlier and took a 2 hour drive to beautiful Karlovy Vary. It is a nice sized town famous for its baths and natural springs. An area of the town has been made very touristy and when walking down the main street of this area you pass the natural springs. Before you can taste them you have a to buy a special cup so we got ours and headed towards the first spring...which was actually the last one because we were doing them backwards. Not knowing what to expect we drank from the first spring and found out that it tasted pretty bad! And they only got worse! But it was soo much fun to try them and see each others expressions! A couple of them tasted ok but one I couldn't even swallow and spat back out! It was really funny! After all the spring we went to find somewhere for lunch and spotted a Thai Restaurant which is where we ended up eating. On the way back to the car we took in all the scenery and thoguth about what a brilliant days we had had. It was one of the funnest days I have had since I got here..others include Legoland and Midtfyns!


19/07- Today we slept in and went down to the Lake around lunch time for the Pirate Party. The edge of the sand was lined with little stalls selling jewellery, clothes, food and souviners. After looking at the stalls Giselle and I went for a swim. After the swim we were gettin ready to leave when a play started p so we watched that then headed home. Later that night Giselle, Solvej and Bj went back to see what was happening and saw fireworks, medieval fighting and a band.


20/07- Today we decided to have a touristy day in Prague so we started at the bottom of the walk up to Prague Castle. The Stairs up there were lined with small stores and we stopped along the way to get Henna Tatoos. Mine was a small devil. We finally made it up the top where we had a brilliant view of Prague. We entered the Castle grounds and while Bj and Solvej had a drink Giselle and I checked out a toy museum which had an exibition on Barbie. Afterwards we walked to the HUGE Church in the middle of the Castle. It looked absolutly amazing. Next was lunch! After lunch we did a boat trip n the river and this time our boat was full of mainly Americans and 2 guys from the UK. After the boat trip we walked around and went up into some of the towers. We ended up having dinner at the hotel that Solvej and I staying in last time. Dinner was very yummy and afterwards we walked back to the car and had a look at Prague by night.


21/07- Today we got up earlier than usual and drove into Prague to go to the markets. We spent a couple of hours at the markets where I got some bras, boxers and tops...all very cheap. 3 bras for only $16 aus!!!! We had MacDonalds for lunch and then looked around a bit more but it was too hot so Giselle and I waited in the shade until Bj and S were finished. When they were done we drive back to Ustek. That night we went to see Circus Sultan! A very small circus mainly for children with dogs, goats, horses, geese and monkeys. It was pretty cool and the last few acts were very good. It didn'g go for very long and afterwards we went to 'The Dragon' for dinner. After dinner Giselle, Bj and I went down to the lake where Bj had some beers and Giselle and I played in the sand. We had heaps of fun mucking around, taking photos and talking. while we were talking Giselle hid my shoes in the sand and it took me forever to find one of them but it was funny! Just as we went up to Bj it started to rain so we got a drink and waited for the rain to stop before walking home.


22/07- This morning was a lazy morning which included hand washing our clothes. We left the house around 1:30 and went to Strekov for lunch. The food took forever and when we finally did get it, it was the wrong food!! By the time we had finished it was storming so the Castle part was closed so we went home, kinda disappointed. 


23/07- This morning we all got up early, packed our bags and were out of the house by 8 on our way to Vienna (Wein). We drove all morning and arrived around 1:30. The hotel was called Hotel Europa and was 4 star and sitting right on the main walking street with a brilliant view. We were on the 5th floor and had a great room. After we had settled in Bj left for his work trip to somewhere. Around 3 we left the room to check out our surroundings. About 250m from our room was the Stephensdom..the 2nd largest Church in the world. Between that and our hotel there were many shops and buskers. During the day there were a lot of human statues and around 6 the dancers and acrobats came out. After dinner we watched some breakdancers from Hungary. We watched the show and gave them all our small change cos they were very good. We were almost back to the hoel when we saw something Aussie playing the Digeridoo. We watched and listened to him and once he was finished introduced ourselves as toher Australians. After a small chat we went back to our hotel. We stayed in our hotel for a while then Giselle and I went out for another walk. This time we took the camera. The breakdancers were gona but some great Acrobats were there so we watched/taped them.


24/07- Another exciting day in Vienna. We got up around 9 and went down stairs for a big buffet breakfast. After about 4 servings we grabbed our stuff and headed off. First stop..the Palace. Located near the centre of Wein it was a short walk from our hotel in the very hot sun! On the way we passed a lot of horse statues that had been painted all different clolours by different business'. It was pretty expensive to get into most of the parts of the Palace so we on ly went to see the Crown Jewels. It was very good and we got our moneys worth. Afterwards we left the Palace and headed towards the Sigmund Freud Museum. On the way we stopped in the Sigmund Freud Park for lunch. The museum turned out to be the house he lived in while he was in Wein. It was ok, not very big and all in German. Afterwards we walkde back to the centre of town passing an International Film Festival. We were then watching some buskers when a strnage guy came up to Giselle and started hitting her on the chest then went behind her and ws smelling her hair ad about to lick her ear when Solvej pushed him in the face and told him to go away. Wre finally made it back to the hotel where we stayed until dinner. For dinner we went to the Chinese Restaurant about 50m up the road. After dinner we went to find the breakdancers again...this time we had the camera. We watched some other buskers and thennheard a guy yelling and it was another busker about to do his show. At first the guy seemed like a it of an idiot but he then got better and was pretty funny. Afterwards we found out that he was also Australian but didn't get a chance to talk to him. It was time for dessert so we grabbed an ice-cream and sat with it near some guys playing indian music. We ended up talking to some of them and then headed back to the hotel.


25/07- This morning I got up a bit later so by the time I got to breaky all the crossiants were gone :( After breakfast we got our stuff and walked to the Prater, or big Ferris Wheel and amusement park. We were planning on going ont he big wheel but it cost to much so instead we went on a smaller one which was way cheaper and gave us the smae veiw! I also went on a rollercoaster and we then had the orst MacDonalds I have evr had!!! It was so bad we didn't even eat half of it! I have decided to try Maccas in every country I go to so now I have had it in Vienna, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Denmark and of course Australia. After a really bad lunch we walked around a bit then went backto the hotel to rest our feet. Around 6:30 Bj got back and joined us for dinner. After dinner we were walking around and lost Bj. So while Solvej was lookng for him Giselle and I made a friend. A young guy with a guitar came and talked to us and we sat on the ground singing songs with him. We sat there for a little while until Solvej came back...still no Bj! I was about t ring him when e spotted him behidn us and he then went up to the hotel to sleep. We walked around for a bit longer and then also went back to sleep.


26/07- This morning we packed our stuff and left Wein not long after breakfast. The drive was ok, it took a couple of hours but it wans't too hot so it was ok. We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon back in Ustek. After dinner Giselle and I were in a strange mood so we turned our room into a fort and then got Bj and Solvej to come in so we could attack them. It was fun and entertained us for a while.


27/07- Today was another lazy morning made up of me drawing all over Giselle! We kinda missed lunch and at around 2 drove into Prague. When we got there we found out that we couldn't park where we normally would because of a Rolling Stones concert. So instead we found a spot at a theme park which is where we were heading anyway! The park looked very dead when we got there and was pretty run down. The grounds were huge bt the rides themselves were pretty small...but also very cheap! So we started with the rollercoasterwhich we went on 3 times...the 3rd time was for free. We also got discounts for some of the other rides. next up was the Ferris Wheel. Solve came on  that one with us. After that she tried her luck at the shooting game, but didn't do to well. Solvej and I then went on the smallest Gost Train ever!! It was tiny and more funny than anything! Then I had a go at the shooting. I knew how to line up the gun so first shot I knocked them all down. The next shot I had to try and get them down to the next level which was more difficult, and I instead hit the game next to mine :p. Giselle then had a go and missed the first shot but after I should her the right way to line p the gun she got them all and then got onto the next level but missed that. Next was the bumper cars which we had discounts for! It was heaos of fun and there were only me and Giselle plus 2 other guys. We used the discounts and then I got a 3rd ride for free from one of the other guys so I went again. It was lots of fun. By then it was about 5:30 so we left to find somewhere to eat. We ended up catching a cab to the other side of the bridge and going to a good Italian place. After dinner we walked around but then the weather turned sour and there was a storm on the way so what do we do....go to watch a water fountain show! We got our tickets and lined up to see the water illumination show. Halfway through it started raining so we ran for cover but the show was really really good. It was water fountains timed to go off at the same time as the music that was being played.


29/07- Today we got up faily late and went into Prague for the last time. We shopped at the markets from 11 to 1 at which point we had lunch and then Giselle and I walked int the city. We got there about 20mins before our tour was to start. A couple of days ago I grabbed some brouchers on walking tours you can do around Prague and they looked really good so Giselle and I decided to do some. The first one was a tour of the jewish Quarter and we were the only ones on the tour and it was really good. I found all these areas that I hadn't been to the first time I was in Prague. We walked around the Synagogs and heard some interesting stories for example: When Charles 4th was King he made all the jews in Prague wear little yellow pointed hats! We also found out who Golem is, and not the Gollum from Lord of the Rings!! After that tour we grabbed some food and had a look around. We spotted another tour, this one was in a truck/train and it went for about an hour and drove up in behind the castle and to a whole area I didn't know was there! While on the tour it rained a bit but ti didn't last long. After that we lokked around a bit and waited for our next tour...the one we had really been looking forward to. It was the Legends of Prague tour and you walk around while the guide tells you stories about different areas of the city. We were the only ones again and the tour was really good and exactly what we wanted. We found out some funny, scary, weird and wonderful stories about all the different people, monuments and buildings in Prague. After the tour we walked around and found a book shop that had books about some of the stories we had just heard so we bought some. We then hung out on the bridge until we got picked up.


The next day we just drove back to Denmark and went to sleep!!



Pictures from Czech and Vienna...