Czech Republic with Amy and Folks

02/10/03 - 10/10/03

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03/10/03- After driving all night, this time actually stopping twice so Bj could sleep, we made it to Litomeric around 10ish and stopped to get some money and have lunch at Babylon. After that we went back to Ustek and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before going out to 'Time Out' for dinner which was Fondue, Fondue, non-alcoholic cocktails and more Fondue. It was lots of fun!


04/10/03- Today was a big day! First we got up pretty early and Bj dropped Amy and I at the markets in Prague where we spent all morning shopping and buying lots of stuff. I got 3 tops and a pair of cords and Amy got 2 pairs of jeans, some boots and 3 jackets. We shopped until about 12 then had lunch at Golem Pizzeria. At 1 we left and walked to the centre of Prague so Amy could see the cities. While we were doing that bj was down at the Austrian Border picking up my parents who had just spent a week in Austria. So, we walked around until about 4:00 when Bj called with our parents and we had to hurry across to the meeting spot and jump into the back of the car. We found a spot where we could actually park, unloaded the car, said goodbye to Bjarke and Amy and hoped into a taxi with mum and dad and drove to our hotel.

We then didn't have a lot of time between getting to the Hotel and getting ready for the suprose I had planned for dad. What dad didn't know was that I had bought tickets for the 3 of us to go see Andrea Bocelli, Live in Prague on his European Tour. Mum already knew about it because I needed her help to make sure we were all there on after a quick dinner at McDonalds we got a cab over to the concert. there were a lot of people and the seats weren't brilliant but the concert was really good and I think dad enjoyed it!


05/10/03- Today was just a very busy day in Prague full of shopping and site seeing. it took us 5 hours to walk about 1.5kms! Mum and Dad bought lots of stuff and it was good but unfortunately the weather was very bad and it was very cold so we couldn't go out on the water or spend a lot of time on the bridge. It was a good day but also very tiring. Before dinner we also went to a 1 hour concert that was songs from various musicals including Evita, Cats, Les Miserable and Jesus Christ Superstar sung by some local people. It was pretty good and enjoyable.


06/10/03- Today we met back up with Amy and Bjakre but it was not until 2:30. Leading up to that mum and dad went to a travel agent to figure out how to get from Prague to Venice, there next stop, and we also did some last minute shopping. Mum ended up buying some crystal glasses and dad bought the world! Well, it was really a big globe made from semi-precious gemstones, but it was still pretty nice. We also had a nice coffee stop which had the best hot chocolate ever!! It was like liquid chocolate mousse or something, whatever it was it tasted very good! Well we finally made it to the markets at like 2:30 like I said and we stayed for about 2 hours. We then went to check out what times the Water Illumination show was on and which ones they were playing. We found out that Queen was on at 9 so we rushed home, had a very quick dinner then sat and watched Queen. It wasn't as good as the last time we went and saw Barcelona but it was still good. Afterwards we drove home for cakes and Irish Coffees.


07/10/03- We were going to go to Karlovy Vary today but it was crappy weather so we stayed at home and had a big breakfast and then did stuff around Litoméric.


08/10/03- Today the weather wasn't any better but it was our last chance to get out to Karlovy Vary so we took it! The drive out there was nice and there was a nice rainbow most of the way. When we got out there we walked down to were the fountains started and found out that because of the weather most of the places to buy cups were closed so half of us didn't have one until later when we found some more places selling them. So after the first drama we went to the first spring...the snake one and found that it wasn't working so we couldn't use it!! Not going so well today! Anyways, we went around to all the springs and I don't know if the weather had anything to do with it but they tasted a lot better this time and I could actually swallow all of them instead of spitting it out! At one point mum threw her water on me so I had to throw mine back and we had a little bit of a water fight but that was fun! We also discovered the Wafers this time! K.V. has some special wafers that are from the are and they are a thin layer of wafer, some kind of sugar like lemon sugar, or chocolate sugar and then another layer of wafer...they get heated up and taste very good so we had a couple of those and bought some to bring home. It rained throughout the day but it was manageable.


09/10/03- Today was mum and dads flight from Prague to Venice. So we got up, packed their stuff and left about 2 hours before check-in which is about 1 hour before take off. Now we didn't really know exactly where the airport was but there were signs and we had a map so we figured that it would be easy enough....we were wrong! After driving in circles for hours and finally getting a taxi driver to show us the way we made it out to the airport half an hour before take off....a lot later than we should have been there. So mum and dad had to jump all the queues, piss some people off, and then run to catch their plane...they got their just in time! Because of the rush it was a very quick goodbye and Bj didn't even get to say goodbye because he was parking the car!!

After the drama at the Airport we drove into Prague for our last full day there. And of course now because mum and dad were gone we had brilliant weather! We parked the car and headed down to the bridge where we took Amy on the boat ride that I had now done twice before! It was good, same as usual except this time we had a very cute captain that Amy fell in love with and would not stop talking about...but I gotta admit, he was pretty cute! After that we just walked around, did some finally shopping and ended up staying for dinner in the city and waiting for it to get dark. We waited for the darkness then walked down to the bridge, stopping in the middle to sing and dance to Jay Kid...and then continuing up to the Metronome. We sat up there for a while and I was very sad because it was my last time I would see Prague for a very long time, it could be years before I came back and I just love the city so much!   


10/10/03- We drove home today :o(

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