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Midtfyns Gymnasium...

My school is called Midtfyns Gymnasium and is in the town of Ringe. It has about 300 students and makes up 3 years, 1G, 2G and 3G. Each year is then separated into different classes. To divide them up they usually use a range of different letters like a, b, c, y, or z. A letter is given to your class and there will also be a class in the other 2 years with the same letter. When you move up to the next year you keep the same letter and your class stays the same. For example, when I started here I was in 1b, and now I have gone up to 2b. Each class has about 22 students and is separated into a Maths line and a Language line. It is a co-ed school and most students are aged between 16 and 20. It is not uncommon to be in a class with somebody 2 years older or younger than you.

This is a photo of my class, 2b.

Back Row: Lærke, Me, Mette, Joy, Mads, Kristian, Pernille
Middle Row: Pia, Cille, Sanne, Amanda, Louise, Zasia, Christine, Søren
Front Row: Maria R, Katrine, Anja, Winnie, Line, Maria N


No Danish schools have uniforms, and even the idea of wearing one is very strange to a lot of people. The students are free to wear whatever they like, even rude and offensive clothing and the teachers can do nothing about it. The students therefore express themselves through their clothing and from just one look you can tell what kind of things that student is into. The style at my school is split into 2 sides. There are those that wear nice, clean cut, latest fashion clothes and the other half who wear give off more of a punky vibe. With torn jeans, spiked belts and gym shoes. I think it is interesting to see how many different ways people can express themselves not only through their clothes but also hair, bags, and small things that some may not even notice but define one person from another.


Lockers are not used in Danish schools the same way as they are in Australian schools. In Denmark it is up to the student whether or not they want a locker, and if they do they then have to borrow a lock from the school for a small fee which they will get back when they return the lock at the end of the year. Because most students don't have lockers they are allowed to carry their bags around with them and to class.

Subjects and timetable:

School starts at 8 and on a full day will finish at 3:10. The day is made up of 4 subjects which you do 2 classes of each. A class last for 45-50minutes and you have about a 5 or 10 minute break in between. On a normal day my timetable might look like this-

8:00 - English
9: 45- Free
11:20- Lunch
11:50- Danish
13:30-  History
15:10- Finished


Now, unlike most schools in Australia there is no pattern to the timetable. The classes do not have a cycle that they go on and instead have a set 2 week plan. There are Red weeks and Blue weeks. Each week you may have sport once but Danish 3 times. The timetable is set at the start of the year so you know that every blue week on Thursdays you have sport first. The annoying part is that this can change without much warning because a teacher may be sick so you have to check every morning to see if the classes are as they are supposed to be.
The subjects are split up into 2 sides, those for the Maths line and those for the Language line. The main difference is that on the language line you study Spanish or French, whereas on the maths line you will do an extra maths class which I don't do, so I haven't done any maths since I got here because I am on the language line. The Subjects that all students on the language line do are P.E., English, Danish, German, Spanish/French, Natursfag, History, Geography and an elective. Natursfag is the closest thing I do to maths and is kind of a mix of both those subjects. Because I have enough trouble trying to follow the classes in Danish I don't have to attend the German and Span/French classes so I have a lot of frees and don't have any full days of classes. For an elective I do Drama but you can choose from drama, music, politics, psychology, astronomy, or extra sport.
When you are in 1st G instead of Geography and an elective you do Latin and Biology.  


Lunch and Recess:

We don't have recess here and we do have lunch but it only goes for half an hour and starts at 11:20. Because school starts earlier you get hungry earlier, so that why I think its not later on. Also you don't really get hungry because you are allowed to eat and drink in class so if you do happen to get hungry you can just reach into your bag and see what you find! Also between each class there is a 15min break.


School Parties

Throughout the year the school will hold many parties and Friday Cafes. The parties are held on Friday nights from about 9 til 1. They some times have themes like Halloween, Christmas and the Danish Halloween held in February. The parties are a lot of fun and give you a chance to have a bit of fun with the people in your class that you wouldn't normally do things with. They always have about 2 bars serving only beer and the teachers are usually running the bars.

The same happens with the Friday Cafes, which as you could guess are held on Fridays! They usually go for a couple of hours on friday afternoons after school. Normally held in the basement people just sit around smoking and drinking....students and teachers together. It really is strange to see a student having a beer with their teacher! But these afternoons are also fun. They either play music just off a cd player or sometimes you get students going up on stage to play or sing. These cafes also sometimes have themes for example there is one next week with the theme of 'The Tribe' a TV show that is on here. We have also had a 'Pink' night where some of the guys were looking very pretty in pink! 


Schools Homepage...I must warn you, its in Danish!

Pictures from School Halloween Party


Midtfyns Gymnasiums Birthday Party