16/05 - 25/05

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17/05- After a very long night on a bus with almost NO sleep we arrived in Paris... City of Lights. The bus arrived and we then had a long stuggle with our heavy luggage up to our hotel. That afternoon we checked out our local area and did some walking around. We walked up to SacrÍ Coere and then down to the Moulin Rouge. After our walk we got some food and went back to our hotel...I was buggered so I went to bed!


18/05- A good nights sleep always makes you feel better! I was up at 6:30 havving a shower and downstairs at dinner at 7:30. We left the hotel just after 8 and walked down to the Lourve. Here we spent a couple of hours walking aound looking at various art works such as the Mona Lisa. After the Lourve we went to find somewhere for lunch...easier said than done! We ended up finding a little cafe and sitting out in the rain eating our lunch..but not to worry! After lunch we went into a church to have a look and then onto the Paris Opera House. This is where the Phantom of the Opera was based. It was pretty cool. After that we headed back to the hotel for a little while. After dinner we walked in the rain to the Australian Cafe for a drink. It was pretty cool and there were some other aussies there to talk to. We got back around 11 at which point Giselle and I went up to Michael and Tonys room for a chat. We went back to our room around 2!


19/05- At around 10ish we left the hotel to catch our first Metro! After a little trouble with the tickets we hopped on a train to the Notre Dame, a huge chruch that was the setting for the story 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. The church was beautiful but because of a strike wew couldn't get up inot the towers or underneath it :( which was disappointing. We then walked in the rain to the Zoological Museum for lunch. After a walk in the gardens we went onto the latin Quater, which when soaking wet is not very exciting. So we left and found some markets to look at. Afterwards everybody excpet Clause and I went shopping. We instead went back to the hotel to play cards and eat ice-cream! By 7 everyone was back at the hotel deciding what to have for dinner. I ended up with some lasagne. After dinner the weather had cleard up so we took the chance to see Paris by night. After a bit of trouble trying to find a Id Photo machine for photo's for our metro cards we caught a train out to the Arc De Triomphe. By this stage it was dark so we moved onto the Eiffle Tower. It was huge and looked really cool at night with all the lights, so after some pictures we headed home vis the Lourve, which unfortunatly wasn't lit up. We got home around 12:30.


20/05- Today the weather had cleard up so we took the oppurtunity to go up the Eiffle Tower. From the bottom it looked great so we bought our stair passes and started climbing...all the way to the 2nd floor! 652 stairs later we had a brilliant 360 degree view of Paris, and we were oly half way! After waiting in a queue for some time we caught an elevator to the top of the tower! Ohh what a beautiful view!! After a lot of photos we left the tower and went to a nearby park to have lunch and sleep on the grass for a while. After and hour or so we went to the MusÍe De L' ArmÍe and Napoleon's tomb. The MusÍe was really interesting and had a lot of weapons and armour. On the way home we did some shopping and I had MacDonalds for dinner :P


21/05- This morning we caught the metro out to one of the main cemetrys where you will find people like Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. After walking around we found Jim Morrisons grave and were a little disappointed at the state of was not very spectacular. We then found Oscar Wildes whish was covered in kisses! After the cemetry we headed to the Catacombs- the thing I had been hanging out to see! On the way we stopped at the inside-out building that was very strange and we found a spot to eat lunch. Then onto to bones! The Catacombs were great! I was metres and metres of bones stacked on top of each other making patterns and things. It was really great but I wish I knew more about the story behind it. In the Catacombs we met some americans guys who told us that the strike was over so we could get up into the Notre Dame, so thats where we headed. After 200 and something stairs we reached the first area. The view from here was great and was looking back at the Eiffle Tower. After this we headed home for our night out on the town. Giselle, Michael, Dane, Clause and I found a nice restaurant up behind SacrÍ Coere to eat at so after a pretty average dinner we had a look around and then went back to the hotel. That night I went up to the guys room and ended up sleeping the night in Tony's bed!  


 22/05- Today we got up early and left Paris to go out to Versailles. We saw the house and gardens of King Louey the 13th to 15th. The gardens we huge! And after going through 2 areas of the house we searched for an appropriate place to sit and eat. We found a nice spot and picniced again. Afterwards Giselle, Tony, Michael, and Amy rented a boat and went paddeling for Ĺ an hour. When they got back some of us got an ice-cream and then Amy, Giselle, Dane and I hired some bikes and went for a ride aound the gardens. We then left Versailles and got stuck at the train station because there was an accident on the tracks. We then had to go find another station! We seemed to follow the crowd to another station where we hopped on a train. In our carraige we found 6 other Australians! We didn't get home that night until late, so after dinner we went to the Arc De Triomphe to watch the city come to life! More stairs then finally the top! We stayed up there until closing time and ended up walking around singing 'I still call Australia Home'! When we got down we walked down the Champs ElyssÍs and found a metro station. Because it was late we ended up getting kicked off half way and had to walk to rest f the way home!


The next 2 days were spent shopping and doing our own thing and we then caught the bus back home on the 24th. Lunch time on the 25th I was back home again!


Pictures from Paris...