25 Sep - 16 Oct 2004 

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Photos from France
Photos of Friends
Photos from Denmark
Photos from Thailand
Photos from Norway




In Bordeaux

The building in Bordeaux

The road in Bordeaux

It looks like a arc de triomphe in Bordeaux

The old building in Bordeaux

It looks like a park (take on the bus)

At Lacanau Beach

(in the west of Bordeaux)

Christina,me,Pia and Thomas

Iven smiled to the camera. (He said he's a sexy guy!)

Christina with her friendly smile

Hey! I'm at Lacanau!!!

Me, Christina and Mette


Flode with his lunch...

Me and Trine

Me and Karina

I'm sitting on the sand and want to say

"Je suis en Francais"

Playing with the sand!

My feet!

I tried to breathe the air here. Wow!

The building beside the beach.

In front of the shop.

Inside the supermarket at Lacanau.


Me and Lotte. (Hun er meget smukke)

When we worked

When we have a pause's really hard work.

When we have a break!

While we are working in the big, wide and enormous grape's fields

The basket filled with the grapes and the scissors on the top

Oh my god! what a ugly picture this is! haha It's Henrik and me,

On the grape's car

They are picking the bad grapes out

Thery transport the grapes to the grape's car

The beautiful rainbow in France

Oh...we are so tired!!! Give us the beer please!

Franch men who have to pick the bad grape's out

A lot of small grapes on the grape's car

My companions

Monsier Jauque...French man who supervise our work

The teacher from Technic school

Hi! My name's Danis. I'm Danish. I'm a teacher.

Karina with her alomost beautiful hair in her birthday!

Christina and Søren in the back... nice friend from Jylland

Ian with Punk hair...Cool danish&german friend from Technic school friend who I can't pronounce his name. I feel sorry! friend from Chef's school

Hi! Drink is my life!!! Hehe...

Danish board game

I don't want to take a picture. Go away from me!!!

Nat with the Margaux's map. It's the town we worked

Haha...Iven with his funny stomuch. I'm a sexy guy!

Ditte with her nice smile while we aew walking to work


Château Palmer

In the Château

In the museum

The equipments to make vine

The chimney in the museum

The woman talks about how to make wine

We're waiting for the time we get the money

They're working with the big wine tank

WINE!!! in the distillery

The procucts from Palmer Château

A lot of wine barrel

She'a talking about this wine

The statue

The place where produce the wine

The machine is working

Jesper from Technic school is trying to throw the stone to me!

In the museum

We want to taste the wine

The products from Château Palmer

Good bye Party

Before the party start

Waiting for the proprietor

Iven and Ali are ready to eat!!

French worker

Mette and me

When we're full

I want to eat dessert!!! Kim

Matiaus and Ali


French cream inside and chocolate on the top

Say hi from ... Bent

The French companions

French dance...ha ha

The Danish teachers

Yeah...we get the money!

Jonas tried to obstruct me to take a picture. Hehe..

We queue to get the MONEY!

We come from Jytlland

We prepare to come back Denmark

Château Palmer

The Château opposite Château Palmer

Three French Chef who cook the food for us everyday.

Merci beaucoup pour tous les repas!!!

Lotte... lovely girl from my class ^_^

Good Picture

Me,Mette and Lotte

On the way home by BUS...

Jeg er grim = I'm agly

Oh Pia... What had you done on Thomas's face???

In the back of the bus...

In the front of the bus...



Jonas and Matiaus

Hey Nat!!! take me a picture Crazy Ali and Martin

Christina my friend who sit next to me

Christian From Technic School

Nicolie sleep under the seat in the bus... How can he does?