Date Story
2 April 05

Tillykke med Fødselsdagen H.C. Andersens  200 år

Today is H.C. Birthday. There are a lot of special things in Odense. So today I went to Odense with my Thai friends (Mui and Fon). We walked around the town and went to H.C. House. We could come in there for free. Haha.. That was so great!!! So we looked around his house and museum. It was so amazing. He was a really fantastic guy. He wrote a lot of  fairy tales and everyone was verey popular. And that made he was popular too.

3 April 05

Bjarke drove to Tåsigne to send Fon took the ferry there. We visited the tower in a church. We went to the top and saw the landscape around this island. It’s so beautiful and cold up there because of the wind. So we couldn’t stay there too long. We just took some pictures and went down again. And send Fon to the harbour.

P.s. Fon forgot her camera in the car. So Mui and me had to run in the ferry and found her. It was so excited cause it was almost the time that the boat will leave. But we could do it! Haha…

9 April 05

Today is Saturday and I’m working about my homepage right now since I left it for a long time. I’m so busy in this month. There are a lot things that I have to do. I’m just feel tired. Next week I have to go to boarding school in another town call “Faaborg”. And I have to live there for a whole week. I’m so excited about the art line I chose. I hope it’s gonna fun and I’m gonna have a nice friends.

I tried to call my parents in Thailand 2 times. But why they don’t at home? Where are you quys??? I just want to say “Happy Songran’s Day” to them. I will try again maybe tomorrow.

Today I have a plan to make my homepage looking good. And after that I’m gonna make some video about my life here and send it to my family. They request to see soon especially The trip to Norway. Hehe… okay I will try to make it finish as fast as I can.

I have a story about yesterday evening. I and my host family drove to find someplace to eat. I really didn’t know where the destination is. Until Bjarke stopped the car. He stopped in front of the restaurant call “Chili” Grill and Thai food. Oh!!! I was so excited to get Thai food. So we walked in the restaurant and saw the menu. I looked at the waiter. He’s not look like Thai people. I hesitated for a while so I asked “Pee Pee, Kon Thai a-poa ka?” It means “Hey guys, are you Thai?” He looked a bit daze. So I asked it in Danish. And he said “Oh…No I’m not. I come from Vietnam” Okay…I see! Hahaha… It was so funny cause this was not the first time but it was the second time that I came in Thai restaurant but there isn’t any Thai there but Vietnam instead. Hahaaaa… I just laughed with my host family.       


11April 05


07.15, Solvej drove me to Faaborg efterskole. It was the first day for me there. I was so excited and a bit nervous about this new school and new friends. But I got the impression since I walked in the building. The friends smiled and looked so friendly. I met the teacher and waited for a while for my roommates. Two nice girls called Anna and Pille. After we met each other, we walked to the room. Oh god! What a cool room they have! It’s such nice room. I mean, they decorated so great! The wall was covered by a mass of posters and post cards and many papers. In the corner, there are 3 guitars. Two belong to Pille and one belongs to Anna.

Pille plays guitar for 3 years. She’s just a small lovely girl but so excellent with her many talents. And she loves D.A.D.

Anna is such a nice girl. She plays guitar for a year. She loves Metallica. And she has a cool dress style. I just like the way she is.   

I’m so glad to meet them!

After I leaved my bag in the room, we went to sing a morning song. And I went to the class with Anna. In the evening, we went out to burn! We got warm and sang! It was so great! Until 23.00, everybody has to go to bed. So am I! I walked to the room without no serious. Until I was in the room…Shit! I didn’t have the bed to sleep. So Anna helped me. She went to ask the teacher about the bed for me. And we got it from the room where no one lives in the second floor. And we had to carry it into our room in the third floor. So tired tonight!

I feel like this school since the first day here. It was just fun and great!

12 April 05

Today three of us got up too late! Because of we were so tired last night. So we went to have breakfast a little bit late. And I went to the class with Anna again. Nothing’s special for today. Just having fun with my new nice friends! Go to bed late again!

13 April 05 Today is the day I’m looking for. Cause all the day we had only Art and Design. My friends had to finish their projects. First, I was looking around, take a picture and saw my friend’s projects. And I had draw the pictures and made some bracelets. It was so fun! I like today!
15 April 05

 Today is the last day for me here. Oh no! I don’t wanna go! I went to the drama class with Anna. I never learn about drama before. It was just so excited for me. First, I thought just for look. But finally I had to join with my friends. It was fine. I had helped Iben to act. So fun! And I had act for dead horse. That’s sound easy but before I dead, I had to scream and convulse. So that wasn’t easy. But it was going good!

16.00 Almost everybody’s going back home. I had to say Good bye to them. And Thank you so much for gave me a great time here! I won’t forget it! Love you guys*

19 April 05

Today is the day that I have to present my Thailand project. It’s the really big project in my whole life. I have to talk about Thailand. I did Power Point with a mass of beautiful pictures in Thailand. I have a film about Thailand and I made a short video about Thai school. I have Thai flag, Thai books, Thai bank notes, Thai stamps and Thai postcards to show. I had done so great! I was so proud. Especially I did it in Danish. Even I talked both of English and Danish. But I thought that was good enough!

20 April 05

I visited Fon in Æro. It’s a small island in the south of Fyn. It’s far from Langelang just 5 kilometres but it takes an hour in the ferry to go there. Oh my god! I met Mui too. 

22 April 05

Today is Fon host dad’s birthday. All of us (Three Thai girls), we had to make Thai food for Fon host’s dad Party. We made Pa-naeng, Khai-pha-lo, Khai-yud-sai and Tom-yam-ta-lay. WOW!!! It tasted so great! I was so happy to eat Thai food for my second time since I came here. Hihi!

“Tillykke med Jesper”

23 - 24 April 05

This weekend, we went to the town and the beach. We walked in the town and got some new cheap shirts but beautiful! Hihi!! We drove to host fon’s summer house on the beach. So beautiful! I wanna come here when it’s summer. Gonna be so fun!

26 April 05

I came back home from Æro. And I went to the last French class at school. There was a party before we finish. We ate pizza and coke. That’s great! And when I finished eating, the teacher came and asked about my presentation. Oh my god! I forgot it! I have to present about Thailand. But I forgot the cd in the car. So I had to call Jens to bring the cd to me. It wasn’t fun! But finally, I had well done!

I got 2 presents from Ida and Carlo. Oh…what a nice girls they are! I’m so glad. And they made me don’t wanna leave here. I have to say “Thank you so much for our relationship and friendship. I won’t forget you guys. Love you*”

And I gave all my friends the bracelets from Thailand. Everybody likes it! I was so glad again! Hihi!!! So today is my wonderful day! I feel so good but still don’t wanna leave here. Love my friends from French and Latin class. Love you guys*

28 April 05

I have the Math exam in this afternoon. I’m not serious but just a bit nervous. But I think it’s gonna be okay if I can’t do it. I hope that the teacher will understand me. I can do some of them but not at all. Some that I can’t do, I just wrote “I don’t understand and I can’t do it!” That’s it! Hehe… Hope it’s gonna be fine!

29 April 05

Today I have English exam in the morning. I wrote the essay about FIRST IMPRESSIONS. I had to compare about the life in Denmark and the life in USA while I’m exchange student there. I thought it was an ok essay. Not too good but not too bad.