Date Story
12 Dec 04 Today is Beautiful Sunday...I started my beautiful Sunday with got up at 08.00 and go down to have the nice was the omlette and fired bacon ate with sweet melon and hot chocolate ---> WOW!!! That's great! But before I ate my breakfast, I had called my parents in was my first time that I called her since I lived here. And I told her about my new and happy life here. And I talked with my dad and my big brother, too. And exactly I had to talk with my dogs...but they can't talk with me...That was so sad! But I knew from my brother that they are fine. So it's ok.

And today afternoon, I went to Odense with Bjarke to find some present to his cousin. There were a lot people there...WOW!!! Really! A LOT... and we walked around is very very big place which we can't walked around in whole day. So when we found all of our things we want, we came back home...

14 Dec 04 Today I'm home alone. Because Bjarke goes to work in Copenhagen and so as Solvej. But I'm not lonely ---> Coz I had a really nice friend called Mette came here to be my friend. But she came back home now...she stayed with me until 22.30 Oh...she's so nice. Thank you very much! <Tak for besøger!>

And today is the last day that i have to go to school. We studied only the first and the second periods. Um...actually we didn't learn anything but we played the game about Mate and English. (And I couldn't answer Lotte's question ... oh! I'm so stupid. But nobody blamed me. So it doesn't matter. Hehe...)

And after that, we ate Æbleskrive. tested very good. I like it! And when we ate was the time to play the Christmas's game. It started with everybody had to take their presents on the table and threw the dice (There are 4 dice) who got 6 points can take a present and we had about 10 minutes to play. We will know how many presents we got  when the time up.

It was very funny game. I never play that before. And the point is I'm not lucky girl. I could remember how many  times that i got 6 points. (Coz there were only 4 time from 100 times i threw the dice) What a pity girl I am! ??? And in the end I got only one present and I opened it with excited...1...2...3...I got 5 small chocolate. WOW!!! I think it's a really good present. Thanks to gave me more fat! Hehe...

After everybody opened the presents. It was the time to see the video about "Trip to France" And that made me miss my friends who i knew from there. I want to see them again!!!

And before I came back home, I gave "Julegave" to all of my friends in the class. Actually they're just the souvenir from Thailand and i think to give them before I come back to Thailand. But I think it's good idea if I make them to be "Julegave" So I do it! And absolutely!'s a really good idea. I'm glad that my friends like it!

And I had "julegave" to Palle and Allan, too. (They're my teachers. Really nice teachers!) I'm glad again that they liked's a necktie made from Thai's silk. And I heard that they will wear it on Friday to go to the party or the meeting I'm not sure. I'm sure just "They liked it" and "I'm glad"

 After that I went to teacher's room coz I want to give the presents to three of my women's teachers. (Lotte, Line and Dotte) and want to say Thank you to take care me. I hope they will like it.

And I walked to the town with Trine. First we decided to go to Superbrugsen (the supermarket) just go from a walk. But I met Mette, Jeppe, Henrik, Mads and Stefen in front of Superbrugsen. And they let me to the café I went with them and had a piece of pizza. And we sat and talked for a long time before I came back home.

WOW!!! Today is very nice day for me. I'm so happy right now. I don't know why but I know just in this moment , I don't want to come back to Thailand. I want to stay here and go to school to see all of my really nice friends I have everydays. ++++ What a lot of nice friends and nice teacher I have!!! ++++

I love here and I want to stay here forever....

Oh...I'm so crazy right now! Because of I have much more happy life here!


P.s. + Thanks for a lot of good friendS I have here...

                                                                                      + YOU MAKE ME HAPPY

        ++ Thanks for the teachers who anxious and take care me here...

                                                                           ++ YOU MAKE ME FEEL GOOD

        +++ And special THANKs to my really really nice host family...

                                              +++ YOU MAKE ME HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE 


15 Dec 04 I get up at 08.00 by someone's sms. Thanks for awaked! But I'm still tired right now...


17 Dec 04

I dag er det noget fødselsdag … hurra hurra hurra

Hun sikker sig en gaven for … som hun har ønske sig en år

Med dejligt chokolade … og kager til

Ha ha ha … today is Friday nice…

Now I’m in Bornholm. Bornholm is the small island of Denmark. But it’s in the south of Sweden. This is my first trip since I have lived in Denmark. Wow!!! It’s so excited! Actually I’m not sure to called it’s a trip because my host dad came here for work but my host mom and me came here for Vacation. So I think, it’s ok if I called it my first trip. Ha ha…

We started with driving a car from our house to Malmø (it’s a city of Sweden and it’s also the place that we can take the ferry) It’s about 300 – 400 km. We arrived at Malmø too early. So we had 3 hours to walk over there. And we walked in the town and tried to find something to eat. We walked and walked until we passed Thai restaurant. And we decided to have lunch here. So we walked inside. And I walked with hope to see Thai people and speak Thai with them. But when we walked to the counter, I looked at 2 men who stood there and I felt like “They’re not look like Thai people.” But I didn’t say anything until before we walked to the table. I’m not clear so I ask them “Are you Thai?” And they said “No” …???... hum… What? They said they’re not Thai but here is Thai restaurant. I’m just doubt. So I asked “Where are you from?” They answered “Vietnam”  Oh my god! I felt a bit confused. Is it Thai restaurant or Vietnam restaurant? But not too much and I asked “Is there any Thai people here?” I waited the answer with hope they said yes. But you know? They said “NO” … Oh my god! Again…it’s Thai restaurant but there isn’t any Thai here! What is it? I think it’s really funny. Maybe they should change the name “Vietnam service in Thai restaurant” Haa haa… I ate noodles fired (Phad ma ma) , Chicken curry (Tom kha kai) and Prawns with flour fired (Kung chup pang tod) WOW!!! This is my second time that I ate Thai food since I leaved Thailand. It’s so delicious but I still miss my mom’s food…

After we were full, we walked around there. There are a lot of store down there. It’s very beautiful town. And when it was the time to go, we was going to the platform to waiting for the really really big boat. My host said it’s the fastest boat in the world. Oh…Wow! That’s cool! When I went inside…oh! It’s look like a hotel. It’s so beautiful… we were in this boat about 1 hour and a half.

And after we took of our baggages, we went to the town to find something to eat again. But this time isn’t Thai restaurant… ha ha  It’s the restaurant called Bøfhus. It means “Beef House” But unfortunately I’m not hungry. So my host ordered the French food for me. It’s called “Snail” I never try it before and I interested to eat the snails , so I got it. And the first bite…I felt oh…it’s taste so good. And I fall in love with the snail’s skin. Oh my god! I love it! “Tak for mad” = “Thanks for food”  ^_^  Before we came back to the hotel…we went to the candy’s shop to buy some candies and I got an ice-cream. I felt so freezing to eat ice-cream in the cold weather. But however I love it! So “Tak for is” = “Thanks for ice-cream”

I’m thinking to go to bed now…it’s 00.26 right now. I’m so full and tired. And the important is I have to keep my energy for tomorrow… It gonna be happy! God nat og sov godt! Hej hej!!           

18 Dec 04

Tillykke med Birthe(min kontact person) fødselsdag!!! Hurra Hurra Hurra

Hey hey hey!!! Today I travel  3 places. There are the church, the castle and the cliff. Three of them are really beautiful… ¤_¤

The first called "ØSTER LARS" It’s a cylinder church. It’s really strange and there are only 4 cylinder church in the world. We walked outside to look at the churchyard around the church. There are many graves down there. But they’re so beautiful yard. Unfortunately we can’t come inside. So I don’t know how beautiful inside is.

And after that we went to the castle called “Tinghuset” It’s a very  big and beautiful castle. It stands between the mountain and the ocean. If we look in the front , we will see the wide ocean and the strong wave strike against the seacoast. Oh!... I don’t know that you can imagine how wonderful it is. But if we look in the back , we will see the forest with a lot of  trees. WOW!!!

And the last place we went for today is the most tired place for us. Ha ha ha … It’s called “Johnsens Kapel” It’s the stone beach. (I think I can called that!) Because it’s the coast with the a lot of stones which tumbled down from the cliff. It’s fantastic! We had to walked for a long way to see there. But when we want to come back, we had to walk pass the high and long stairs… So when we can come up…we can’t say anything. Because the only thing we want is ‘breathe’. We’re so tired for today. But it’s worth. Tak for tur!

19 Dec 04

Hey! Today is Sunday…I don’t understand, why is the time passed so fast??? I have a really happy life now…but that seams this time passed so quickly. Oh my god!

But I know one thing--->The happy time is usual short but it has its worth! <--- And my first trip will finish tomorrow……

Today there is a little snow here. And in this morning the temperature is about 0 degree. That means, it almost minus. WOW!!! I love cold weather. And we went to the white forest. Hehe…actually it’s just a forest but it covered with snow, so I called it “White Forest” Ha ha ha… and we went to the water fall. It’s really fantastic! Because there is a less of water fall in Denmark. But I had seen water fall on Bornholm. Wow!!! That’s cool!  

20 Dec 04 We leave Bornholm at 15.00 by the fast boat in the world!!! It takes just 1 and a half hour to arrived at Malmø (Sweden) And we have to send Solvej at Copenhagen. IT'S SNOWING!!!  Wow! There is a lot of snow in Copenhagen...when we arrived at Solvej chance came... 555 I played with snow and made my first snowman in my whole life! WOW!!! That was very fun and I was so proud with my first snowman. Ha ha... (But after Solvej came back home, she told me that my snowman had kick by her neihtbour because he thought the kids near by made it and want to teasing him!) oH...No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Dec 04 Happy birth day To P'Bow...I got up and the first thing I do is send E-card to her.

Today I go to my contact person house(Birthe) And sleep there.

Tonight I,Maria and Mette decorate the Christmas tree...WOW!!! It's so beautiful!

23 Dec 04 Before I come back home...Birthe gave me 2 Christmas presents. Wow! I'm so excited and want to open them but I can't. Because in Denmark, we can open the Cristmas present in Christmas day. So I have to keep them until Christmas day. And it's tomorrow.

I gave the Christmas presents to her family, Maria,Mads and Mette. After that we leave...

And in this afternoon, we go to have Julefrokost with Andreas (our kind neighbour) After we ate, I had a tour around his house. He works about carve wood. It's so unelievable!!! Because his work is so delicate and difficult. But they can do! I was really interesting!

And in the evening, we go to Bjarke friend's house (Micheal) in Odense to have a Julefrokost again. We eat and talk. And I got the first Christmas pressent which I can open today from Louise and Micheal. Hehe...that's good! So I open it! It's a book about Fyn called Fynske Minder. Wow! It's a really worth present. Thank you for their kind! 

I came back home with my big stomuch! Because of I'm full. Ha ha ha...

24 Dec 04  


I get up with a really good news. Yes, it is. Because there is a news about me in Fyn newspaper today. Ha ha... There is my really big picture and a long text about me with my new family. Wow! It's a really good Chridtmas present from Denmark. Tusind tak! I think to make  a frame when I come back to Thailand and hang it on the wall in my bedroom. Hehe... I'm so proud.

Once life in Denmark ... there was a news about me!


And in this afternoon, we go to Bjarke friend's house (Sanne & Jens) We hjave a really delicious dinner. And a dessert from Bjarke &'s  Riz à la monde. Taste really good!  After we finished to eat ... we sing a song and dance around the Christmas tree. That was really fun because I can't sing. Ha ha ...   But it doesn't matter coz nobody blame me! Hehe... We sang and danced until we got tired. We came back to our own chairs.

And this time...the time I'm waiting for...It's the time to open the presents!!!! ^_^ We started by Rie walked to the Christmas tree, find a present and give it to the person who belong to. And that person had to open it. After that it's Lea turn and me after her. We do like this until there is no present. That's finish!


Specail Thanks...

  • Tusind tak for en CD-Walkman player fra Bjarke & Solvej. Jeg ønsker det og det kan jeg godt lide. Og tusind tusind tak for min ny liv her! Jeg er meget glad at bor med jer! Jeg elsker jer! TAK SKAL JER HAVE!

  • Tusind tak for en NECKLACE fra Familien Bertelsen. Det er meget søde og det kan jeg lide rigtigt meget. Tusind tak til jer!

  • Tusind tak for mange julegaver fra Birthe. (Min kontact person og ogaå min mor) Du er meget rart med mig. Du hjælper mig! Jeg elsker og APPRECIATED. TAK SKAL DU HAVE!

  • Tusínd tak for Fynske Minder fra Louise & Micheal. Det er rigtigt godt dansk bog og det er meget WORTH for mig! Mange tak!

  • Tusind tak for H.C. bog fra Familien Berg. Det er rigtigt godt gave fra Danmark. Jeg skal prøve at læse det. Mange mange tak til jer!!

  • Mange tak for Shower bath & Rollon fra Rie&Lea. Det er meget søde gave og det SMELL godt. Mange tak til jer!

  • Mange tak for lys og glas fra Sara. Du er meget dejligt...tak for din gave! Jeg er meget glad med din kort. Du er rigtigt godt at skrive thaiske.

  • Mange tak for 2 dukke fra Signe. Jeg elsker dem og også dig! Du er meget søde! Mange tak for din søde gaver!

  • Mange mange tak for dansk-cd fra Alfred. Glædelig jul til dig og tak for din gave! (Jeg hører det med min ny cd-walkman nu)



Tak skal jer have!



25 Dec 04 This afternoon...we go to Bjarke friend's house in Nyborg. I knew 2 girls. Their name are Hanne and Stine. They are so friendly and very cute. And I got a pillow and something like a bracelet (but it's not) from Hanne. I was so proud because she made them by herself. And the pillow is so as the bracelet. Tusind tak Hanne!!!
27 Dec 04 I go to IMAX Tycho Brahe Planetarium with Bjarke in Copenhagen. It is Denmark's most advanced centre for popularizing astronomy and space research and promoting knowledge on natural science. And it also the movie theater which there are only 2 in the world. One in France and another one ... HERE!!!


We saw the movie called Når Naturen Raser.  It's the movie about Natural Pronomenon. It was very excited because the cinema screen is very closed to the spectators. That's cool! There are earthquake, hurricane and the lava from volcano. I can feel how scary I am if I was in that situation... It's a really great theater.   Tak for tur! ^_^