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Why I want being an Exchange student?

I think itís a good experience to be an exchange student. I want to go somewhere where I know nobody. Somewhere where is different from where I lived. I want to know about how are they life, how is their culture, whatís about their language. I want to learn a new thing that I canít find in Thailand. And the only one thing I can do is being an Exchange-student.

I interested in language. I love language and I learn language program in my high-school. So my dream is I want to go abroad and used my life without speak Thai. That means somewhere that I can practice English and French. Or somewhere I can learn a new language which I never know. And for me I think itís cool if a person can speak many languages.

And actually I want to know every language in this world. But thatís impossible. HeheÖ nobody can speak every language in this world.  I know that. So I chose to learn as much as I can. And to be exchange student can support me to do that. 

And especially, I want to learn about how to use my life. How can I do if I go to somewhere without know any one? How can I survive without my parents? How is my life with a new beginning? How can I do to make friend? How can I do to make them accept me? Or something likes thatÖ But the point is ďHOW CAN I SURVIVE IN A NEW COUNTRY WHERE I KNOW NOTHING?Ē

And I think, itís excited to go somewhere to learn a new thing that I never know. And that is the reason why I chose to challenge with my life...

AFS Denmark Year 04-05



Why I chose Denmark?

I chose Denmark because first I want to go to Europe and learn about Europe culture. And I chose Denmark because Denmark is a small country and I donít know anything about here. So I chose to came here and learn about Danish culture, Danish ways of life, Danish people and especially Danish language!

And another reason why I chose Denmark is I want to go to a cold country because I want to see snow. I never see snow in my whole life and I chose to be exchange student coz I want to go to some country where has snow and that is Denmark.

So I chose to be an exchange student in Denmark. At first I was a bit nervous because I donít know anything about here and especially I nervous about the language. Because Thai is my mother language and I have to talk with Danish people who have their own language too. I worried about how can we communicate each other. How can we understand each other? But after I lived here for awhile, I found out everybody who I talked with can speak English and they spoke really good. I was so surprised when I talk with a girl who just 12 year but she can talk with me. And I think maybe she speaks better than me. Iím so surprise with Danish peopleÖ

And I think, I have a good decision to choose to come here. Because I can practice both of English and Danish here. So thatís my benefit!  

AFS Denmark #43 (Thailand)

August 2004 - June 2005



 (AFS #43 Denmark)