Date Story
1 June 05

See the date... Oh shit! This month came already. I don't wanna leave here. Hmmm... wanna cry!

Today I met Mui in Odense and we just want to shop. We walked around the centre. And I got a shirt. So cool! And after that we came back in Ringe because we had an appointment with Afs friends to go to Ringe Jail.  Just look around there and listen to the prisoner’s lives.

2 June 05

I visited one of my nice friend called Signe. We went for a walk but unfortunately it was raining. So we walked just for a while. After that we came back home to talk and see some of her pictures. She is such a nice girl. Thank you for today. You make me love you, my lovely friend. ^_^ And in the evening I went to the party for Dansk Undomskole with Zainab. We just ate and played around. Cool!

4 June 05


Today is the greatest day in my life. I went to TIVOLI with Sara. She’s one of my good friend from French class. We were in Copenhagen about 12.00 We started with The Demon!!! It was so fuckin fun! And we tried everything there. I can say EVERTHING!!! Some of them we tried about 2 or 3 times. It was so fun and excited. I screamed so much. We played and walked around there. It’s a wonderful amusement, so beautiful and extraction. There were a lot of people today. We tried everything until we got tired. So we decided to come back home when it was raining. We took the train from Copenhagen at 20.00 and we were at home about 22.00 Sofie(Sara’s mother) cooked pizza for us. It was the best pizza I ever ate in my life cause all day I didn’t get anything to eat. Because I was afraid that I will vomit after I played. Hihi!!! So I came back home about 23.00 and had a really well sleep cause I was so tired and had headache! But still it was such a good tour. Thankz Sara and her parents for give this birthday present for me. It was a really great present that I won’t forget.  Thank you so much!!!

5 June 05

I had Afs meeting at a castle on Langeland. I went there with Solvej and Tammy. We were late but that was alright. It’s an old castle. First we walked and looked around the castle until midday. We ate lunch together and had a little bit talk. After that we wrote our address for each other and said Thank you so much for this nice year to our contact person (Birthe) It was a good tour!

6 June 05

Solvej, Mui and me went to Legoland… It’s a place which everything had built by Lego. It’s such a nice place!!! There were many tourists today. We played everything we can accept some of them that was for just small children like 3-13 years old. We couldn’t fake that. After we finished to try everything we can, we walked and looked around. Everything had built from Lego. It’s so fantastic beautiful and cool. We took a lot of pictures. We had so much fun. It was also a good tour. Tak for tur!

7 June 05

I went to Egeskov with Mui. It was the third time for me there. But it’s still interested. No much to say just walked and looked around like every time I went there! So that’s it!!!

In the evening, I went to Mads’s place with Bjarke to prepare the songs for my party on Friday. It was so cool! We played until 23.00 Mad’s mother came and said goodnight to us…that means we had to stop making noise. But it was so great for today! Thanks Mads and Mikkel for helping me in my party! I appreciated.

10 June 05

Hello…Hello… Today I’m 18 years old. Oh my god! That’s too old…but that’s the truth! I have a birthday and also goodbye party in this evening. I invited all of my friends I knew here. The party started at 19.00 It was a crazy party. Everyone had to dress up like some kind of weird or crazy. It was so fun and cool! I dressed up with Denmark football fan. I got the Denmark football clothes, Denmark hat and I painted my face and my nails with Denmark flag. Cool!!! My friends came about 40 persons. We ate, drank, sang and danced. I sang Zombie from The cranberries and Good riddance from Green day. Mads sang a mess of songs and every songs he sang, I could guarantee that was so great! There were some of my friends came and sang. Mette sang CHANG. It’s a Thai children song and she sang perfectly well. I was so glad. Jesper played keyboard and sang Elton John…WOO!!! It was also great! But the greatest of this party was Bent!!! He wrote a song about me called PHAKHAWADEE. He wrote it by himself and played the guitar and sang to me. It made me so appreciated! It was my first song in my life. And he is the first person who writes that song to me. I was so gladdddddddd…

I just want to say…

- Thanks everybody who comes and have fun in my party…   

- Thanks every presents I got from you guys…

- Thanks Mads-guitar, Mikkel-drum and Gome-bess for entertainment…

- Thanks my best host family for make this party for me…(It was the biggest party in my life)

--- Thanks everybody to help me had a really fantastic year here in Denmark and a really great birthday party ---

I love you guys!!!

Forget me not!!!

11 June 05

11.00 I had my birthday party for adults. I got a lot of good presents. We ate cakes and drank tea and coffee. We showed the video from yesterday and we talked. Some of them came and said goodbye to me. Actually I don’t wanna say GOODBYE. I really don’t want to. It’s so hard to say that. I don’t want to leave Denmark. I want to see all of them again. It’s so sad to do that! But that I have to…

Thanks everybody who comes…I won’t forget you guys

And really thanks for every presents… I appreciated!!!

Love you guys…wanna see all of you again!

12 June 05

Lydinge festival… It’s the festival at Mad’s place. There were 3 bands came and played. Really fun and cool!!! All of them are so good and so cool!!! So I got a nice evening there and sweet dreams… hehe…

13 June 05

Ja and I had the plan to go to Egeskov but unfortunately it was raining. So we just sat at home and watched the tv. But for me, I had work about the video from my party all day… From I got up until I went to bed. So hard but I love to do! It’s my party!!! But right now it finished… Cool!!!

14 June 05 Ja and I went to Egeskov in the morning and we were in Odense in the afternoon just for shopping. Hehe… but actually I think I spent money for eat more than for shopping… Hihi!!!
15 June 05

Today is Dimension day at school. I got my grade and I was so glad. Because the head master, my teachers and my friends had talk about me in public. I have nothing to say…but I just want to tell everybody that ….

Thank you so much for the great time I had here in Denmark…

Thank you so much for the good friendship we had…

Thank you so much for helping everything…

Thank you so much to being my friends…

And thank you so much for helping me had an absolutely wonderful time in Denmark

I couldn’t forget!!!

I love you guys!!!

I love Denmark!!!

16 June 05

I visited Birthe (My contact person) I just played around with the kids for the last time. And in the evening we went to China restaurant, ate buffet… Uha…I was so fulled and it tasted so good. But in a week I’m gonna have Thai food. Woo woo!!!

Thank you so much Birthe for take care me all the year…

Thank you so much for helping me and let me out of the hell…

Thank you so much for your kind that I couldn’t forget…

You’re my second mom!

You’re the one!

I love you!!!

17 June 05

I went to Nordagerskole in the morning to give one of my friends(Ida) a gift. Today is her 15 years old birthday. And I also had a chance to say Goodbye to all of my friends there. It was so sad to say that…but that’s what I had to.

To say Goodbye… it’s doesn’t mean we will not meet again.

To fly away… it’s doesn’t mean will not contact each other.

To leave you today… it’s doesn’t mean I will forget you.

To say I love you … that’s what my whole heart wants to do.

I love you guys… Thank for our friendship!

I will never forget you!!!

You’re still stay in my memories forever…

18 June 05

The last weekend in Denmark… What am I gonna do? I got up and got the good breakfast and in the afternoon I went to Ringe museum with Sara and had waffle at her place. It was the best waffle I ever eat. It tasted so good. And I ate too much that made me feel bad before I went to bed because of the big stomach. Hihi!!! Cause I also got the dessert at home before I went to bed. It was strawberries with sugar and cream. Oh god… it was also tasted good!!!

Tak for dessert!

19 June 05

19 June 2005 … I have just 2 days left in Ringe. Cause on Tuesday 23rd I have to take the train to Copenhagen where we all exchange students have the last camp there for 2 days. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have the camp before we fly. We have to say goodbye to our hosts and friends before we leave Denmark for 2days. That isn’t cool! And we’re not allowed to contact anyone while we’re in the camp. That’s the worst! But anyway…that’s what we have to. We couldn’t do anything about that. So sad but true!

2 days left… Did I spend the time here for a year already?

(No, I didn’t feel like that. It’s like I had just arrive here…I just wanna live)

Is it true that the time to fly is coming?

(Yes, that’s true but that’s what I don’t want to know. Just wanna stay here more!)

Nothing to say…

Nothing to think…

Nothing to do…

Just don’t want to go away from you…

Danmark…Dejligt land  


These are some SMS(es) that I got from my friends after I sent sms to Thanks them for the greatest year here in Denmark…

11-Jun-05  14:57

From: Zainab

Hej min ven… Jeg ved godt at vi skal modes på onsdag! Men jeg kommer til at savne dig rigtig meget! Det er meget hårdt… Du skal vide at du betyder meget for mig… Elsker dig min ven… Kæmre kram fra Zainab +555


17-Jun-05  17:52

From: Bent

Hej nat! Jeg vil bare gerne ønske dig en rigtig god tur til thailand. Det har været utroligt sjovt at have dig her i danmark. Vi vil alle savne dig og dit glade humør. We’ll keep in touch J hilsen Bent.


17-Jun-05  19.03

Ja tak og lige måde… det var sgu godt at kende dig.!



From: Pia  19:10

Ja selv tak.. det har været rigtig hyggeligt! Og jeg håber du har nydt din tid i danmark! Men du kan jo skrive et brev fra thailand til mig.. så skal jeg nok skrive tilbage… har du min adresse? Held og lykke fremover… nej det her er ikke farvel, det er på gensyn…


17-Jun-05  23:34

From: Heidi

Tak nat og er også meget glad for at have mødt dig men kommer du ikke til danmark igen?


17-Jun-05  23:41

From: Kim

It’s sad that we never meet again.. good luck with your future.. see you in Thailand J


17-Jun-05  23:53

From: Katrine Sød

Tak søde! Håbe d kommer godt hjem! Hils din familie ses


18-Jun-05  00:45

From: Iben

Kæreste søde nat… tusind tak for en fed tid sammen… er os ked af at vi ikk ku ses noget mere… tak for den søde besked… hvor er du sød… håber du får en rigtig god hjemrejse… og en rigtig god fremtid… tak for alt… kys og tanker Iben…


18-Jun-05  14:12

From: Søs

Hey nat.. oki..det er jeg da ked a at høre min ven! Er os rigtig glad for jeg hr lært dig at kende.! D er os meget sød.! Ja vi skrives på msn.. hel klart min søde ven.! Mange tak for den tid vi hr haft sammen.! Kommer til at savne dig søde.! Kys fra Søs…


19-Jun-05  18:39

From: Bent

Tark og i lige måde nat. You will be missed! Tak for et dejligt år. Og du må have du godt liv i thailand. Vil aldrig glemme dig J


19-Jun-05  18:42

From: Camilla

Hej nat! Kommer til at savne dig, håber du kommer rigtig godt hjem, og at vi måske en dag ses igen!. Held og lykke fremover… J knus fra Camilla..


19-Jun-05  18:44

From: Ida

Haii, nat… tak for det skønneste år i mit liv!! Håber du kommer godt hjem.. vil aldrig glemme dig…elsker dig.. Qnusarh,Ida..


19-Jun-05  18:44

From: Jesper

I lige måde. Har også været sjovt at have dig her. God rejse. Og ikke farvel men vi ses J


19-Jun-05  18:48

From: Lotte

Hej Nat! Vil også sig tak for et fedt år og nogle rigtig gode minder! Jeg håber du kommer rigtigt godt hjem og så håber jeg at vi en dag ses igen! Kærlig hilsen, Lotte.


19-Jun-05 18:49

From: Karina

Ilm. Jeg syntes også det har været fantastisk at du har været her i danmark og uden dig ville det ikke have været så godt et år. Kommer til at savne dig rigtig meget. Elsker dig.


19-Jun-05  18:50

From: Mads

Heej nat.. selv takk for et fedt år! Har været mega sjovt at gå i klasse med dig! Du må ozz have held og lykke i fremtiden! Kram mads


19-Jun-05  19.05

From: Signe

Hej nat jeg kommer til at savne dig… du må ikke rejse her fra L bliv…


19-Jun-05  19:09

From: Claudia

Hej nat, jeg vil altid huske dig som den evig glade pige.. alt godt fremover til dig også.. håber du engang kommer til danmark igen, så må du lige sende en smsJ ha det godt, knus Claudia


19-Jun-05  19:11

From: Ditte

Tak nat for din dejlige besked… jeg kommer til at savne dig helt sindsygt… håber du får en god hjem tur.. og håber du kommer og besøger os alle sammen her i danmark… du har virkelig gjort mit 10 skole år til noget speciet… Du er en virkelig dejlig person og håber du også glæder dig til at komme hjem til alle din venner… jeg vil aldrig glemme dig… vi skrives ved… Kram knus ditte… elsker dig…

19-Jun-05  20:01

From: Trine

Tak for hilsen vi ses nok igen engang. Su må have en god tur hjem… tak for i år


19-Jun-05  20:08

From: Signe

Ja,det skal vi… jeg elsker også dig din dejlige thaipigeJ


19-Jun-05  20:39

Heej smukke.. tak for alt.. Jeg kommer nok til at savne dig.. :’( jeg har haft det sjoveste år med dig.. Kyss til dig.. <33 <33


19-Jun-05  21:06

From: Anja

Hej Nat, jeg kommer til at savne dig. Vi skrives, om kære ven. Kom godt hjem. Kys L


19-Jun-05  22:03

From: Cecilie Fr

Tak.. farvel nat. hav det rigtig god tog pas rigtig godt på din selv. Vil prøve at skrive et brev til dig. Knus Cecilie  


19-Jun-05  23:16

From: Caroline

Heej min skath.. Jeg vil komme til at savne dig rigtig meget.. Snøft.. Jeg skal skrive et brev til dig endag, og vi skal selvfølgelig skrive sammen på Msn.. Når jeg skal til Filippinerne en dag, så skal jeg nok ringe til dig inden, jeg tager af sted, så jeg kan komme og besøge dig i Thailans. Husk at jeg elsker dig, og du vil altid være min ven.. Vil sldrig glemme dig..  Love you.. And I will miss you so much..  Men vi ses igen, når jeg skal til Filippinerne, Så kommer jeg først forbiThailand.. Kram din ven Carlo/ Caroline Pabuna Engholm..

20-Jun-05  01:40

From: Kim

I also really hope to see you somrtime again..


I will do my best.. Goodnight.. The best of luck to you.. See you some day.. And this time I won’t let you down.


20-Jun-05  22:58


Hej nat håber du ser min besked selv om den kommer lidt send... ville bare sige at det har været et rigtig godt år sammen med dig i tiende klasse... håber vi ses en dag igen... du må jo lige skrive hvis du kommer til danmark igen... farvel nat! eller ses man ved jo aldrig:) Jonas snedevind nielsen..

20 June 05

Today I woke up… I woke up knowing to day is the last day to open computer here! OH NO!!! That’s not real to me…real to me!!! Wake up…I must be dreamin’

Tomorrow at 12.00 I will take the train from Ringe to Copenhagen. So today is the last day I can use computer and make my homepage finish!

I don’t wanna leave…
Don’t let me go…
Wanna to stay here more…
It’s not the time to go…
Let me live and stay here with you guys…  Hmm….

I have nothing to say more. I had said everything I want already… but the only one I can always say is…

Really thanks for the greatest year here…
Thanks everybody who helped me had a really nice year here in Denmark…

Thanks all my friends for all good memories and friendships _ We’ll keep in touch.

Thanks all Danish people I knew for gave me a nice relationship _ I will never forget!

Really thanks for THE BEST HOST FAMILY _ THE MAYLAND for gave me the warm, nice and comfortable family.
Thanks for gave me a new fresh life...
Thanks for all the good memories we had…
Thanks for all the funny time together…
Thanks for all the laugh…
But I have to say sorry for all the noise I did while I stay with you...
But that's me...sorry I can't adjust! Hehe... It's my extremely personal habit. Hihi!
And Thanks for your LOVE* I love you so much…Bjark&Solvej!!!

Don't wanna say Goodbye_But still we'll keep in touch

Best regards

Phakhawadee Chaisiri