Date Story
2 March 05

Happy Birth Day to Sojvej!!!

Today is Solvej's birthday (My host mom here)

Chris and me did a snowman to be her present. Hehe… It was so beautiful and it was my fifth snowman here. And I gave her a present. It’s a Thai house’s crosstich which I made it by myself. It was so beautiful too. I spent almost one month to do this and it finished yesterday. Hehehe… We didn’t have a birth day party today… we’re going to have on Saturday…

Tillykke med Fødselsdagen _ Solvej 38 år  

6 – 12 March 05

Ski tour in Norway

6 March ---I went to Norway with my Sport Class to skiing. We leaved Ringe in the morning of Sunday…took the train to North Jylland and after that took the Furry to Norway. We arrived Norway about 21.00 o’clock but we had to take the bus to the place where we gonna live and we arrived there about 02.30. Oh! I was so tired!

7 March --- We walked down the mountain to the Ski School. (Cuz we live on the top of the mountain) And it was the first day to learn how to skiing. I felt so bad. It was so fuckin difficult. I tried to stand but I can’t. Every times I can stand, after a few minutes I fall again. It was so hard and I didn’t want to do it anymore. I lost my courage. And I tired to do it. It was the worse day that I ever have… I couldn’t remember how many times that I fall today …  ???

8 March --- The second hard day… Today I tried to learn it by myself and I tried so hard. Cuz it’s my first time to skiing and I really want to do it. So I tried and tried and tried all the day. Today I fall many times too and that I couldn’t remember. But it’s better than yesterday and I got my courage back.

9 March --- The third day… Today is my first day that I go tour with my friends and the teachers. We go on the top and skiing on the beginning way. It was so great! I can do it! And I can count how many times I fall … it was just 4 times. I feel better about skiing and I feel more fun. It was really fun!!!

10 March --- My fourth day… Today I really want to ski. I get up early and prepare myself for skiing again. Hehe… I go tour with my friends and the teachers again and today there is something special cuz Allan and Dorte (our teachers) take the video camera when we skiing. Hehe… and I can do it. I didn’t fall. So great! But when I come back home… I was so tired…

11 March --- My last day to skiing.. Today is the last day that we can ski cuz we have to leave here in the afternoon. And we can choose that we want to ski or not. And of course I chose to ski. Cuz I think maybe this is my first time to skiing and maybe it’s also the last time in my life. So I have to skiing as much as I can. So I go tour with Allan. But today it’s snowing all the day so I go tour just 1 time and then come back home to pack all of my stuff. And get ready to come back home again.

We leave at 13.30 and we go to Oslo (The capital of Norway) and go from a walk there about 2 hours. And we take the Furry at 19.00 we sleep on the Furry and we arrive Denmark about 08.00 in the morning of Saturday. And I arrive home about 14.00 I’m so tireddddd…

But it was a really good tour. And I love to ski. TUSIND TAK FOR DENNE RIGTIG GOD TUR   “Tingagerskolen”

15 March 05


Today was a really weird day that I ever have. In this morning it was snowing and I was so happy. But in this afternoon when I came back home, it was raining. And I feel so bad. Oh my god! I hate the rain especially in Denmark cause it’s a really big rain and it rains all day… And I think I’m going to have a cold. -_-‘’

17 March 05

Today comes … I got sick. -_-‘’ I couldn’t get up in the morning when Bjarke awaked me. So he said I don’t have to go to school if I got sick so just take a rest here in your bed. Wa-hoo… What a lovely host I have!!! Hehe… So today I just sleep all day cause I feel dizzy and I don’t want to do anything. Hope I’m going to be fine soon…

21 - 23 March 05

I visited Mui (one of my Thai friend) at Langelang (It’s an island in the south of Fyn where I lived) I just having fun with her and we ate Ma-ma (Thai’s noodles) We just talked and played. And in the second day there…we rode a bike to the beach near her house. We sat and drew the picture near the beach. It was so great there but it was so cold… Hehe… So when we finished, we just quickly to leaved there and find some warm place to get in and that is her house. I visited her for 2 and a half day so I came back home again.  “God Ferie”

23 March 05

I leaved from Mui house at 10.00 and came back home in the afternoon. I and my family drove to Copenhagen cause Bjarke had to work there. But when he finished, we had a tour in the centre of Copenhagen. It’s the biggest shopping street in Denmark call “Strøge” We went to tower and went up on the top and we could see the Copenhagen view. It was so beautiful up there. And we walked around there until our stomachs begged to find something to eat. So we drove to the town call “Roskila” to the Italian restaurant. And after that we drove back home. “Tusind tak for tur”

24 March 05

Today it was so foggy. We drove to the small island in the south of Fyn call Tåsigne. We visited the castle there call “Vardermers Slot” It’s a really beautiful castle. And it isn’t just a castle but it’s also have a museum inside. So great!  This is my first castle I had seen since I lived here.  “Tusind tak for tur” *_* Det glæder mig meget!

26 March 05

Today we drove to German. For what? For shopping. Hahaha… My host family always goes there to buy some cola, chocolate, vine and candies. And today there were a lot of people there. I was just wondering about those crowds.