Date Story
1 May 05

Oh my god!!! See the day… Why does the time pass so fast? Today is Sara’s Confirmation day. I went to the church with her family to see the Christian ceremony. When the ceremony in the church finished, we came back home and had a party. We ate all day and night. And we sang! It was so great! Sara got a lot of money and presents. Wow! I really want to have confirmation too. Hihi!!!

5 May 05

My family and I went to Egeskov. It’s a beautiful castle in Denmark. And it’s not too far from my house. And today is good weather. It’s sunshine day. So we just drive and travel there. I walk in the castle first. It’s so big and beautiful. I took a mass of pictures. And when I go out of the castle, I met my friends from Faaborg efterskole. Wow!!! And they said everybody in school comes here today. Wow!!! So I met almost all of my friends and I’m so glad to meet them again! So I spent the rest time there with them and be with them until they gone. After that I come back in Egeskov and and walk to see the museum. So cool! There are many interesting things. And we just look and play around there. I’m gonna go there again! Super fun!

7 May 05

Today we went to Hanne and Stine’s house to have dinner together. I spent a lot of time with the kids. Just play and have fun together. And we got a really good food there. I ate TOO much. I was so full. But I still eat and eat… Haha!!! It was a nice time we had together. Tak for mad! Hihi!

12 May 05

I have the last Parents meeting at school today. We talked about What had we done in this year. And we saw the vdo from France, Paris and Norway. It was so good! And the good news is… I’m gonna get about 2,000 kr. back from work in France. Wow!!! That made me so HAPPY!!! Hihi!!! I’m gonna rich! Hahaha…

13 May 05

Today is the 13 Friday. Wow! Cool! Mui visited me again. We went to the concert in Odense with Mads and Mikkel. It’s Danish rock band. So fun and cool! I got a little bit shock in the first because there were so many PUNK!!! But that’s so cool! I like it! Haha… Just wanna be punk girl too! Hahaa…

16 May 05

 I went to Odense zoo with Mui. Today is the zoo’s birthday so we can entrance for free!!! That’s the way I like… Hahaha!!! And Princess Alexandra came here today too. So we can see both of Danish zoo and Danish princess. So worth! And before we come back home, we met a Thai woman called Warunee, so she invited us to visit her at her place. We ate Thai food together. So nice! Thanks Pa Warunee!  

17 - 18 May 05

I went to Faaborg efterskole again, met all of my nice friends there again. It was such a great time there. And I gave the present to school. It’s a painting that I made it(Thai house) I was so glad that they like it! And I have to say Thank you to everybody who gives me a nice impression there. 

Today is the last day to learn. Everybody has to clean up the class. So I help my friends to cleaned up the Art and Design class.

19 May 05

I had present about Thailand to the children at my school. It was a good success. Because while I was presenting, I could hear the sound of the children such like they are interesting. J Well done!

20 May 05

Today is the last school day. (Sidste skoledag) We have to dress up like some kind of weird and just have fun for today. In the morning we ate breakfast together and after that we walked to every class and gave candies to the children. In the afternoon there was a foot ball match between my class and the teacher. The result was we win! Haha…

In the evening, there was a class party at Claudia’s house. So I went there, eat and drink and having fun! Ø_ø

23 May 05

I had the Mate oral exam. I got 8. That made me so proud.

And after I finished my exam, I went to Egeskov(The Danish castle near by my house) because my friends from Afs came there today (Denmark tour). So I just went there to meet my friends. Woooo!!! Super fun!  ]Det var meget hyggerligt! Tak alle sammen![

25 May 05 I had English oral exam. I got 8 again. There were a text to read and a tape to listen. After that I had to talk about what about the text and the tape. I had 20 minutes to prepare my self. And that wasn’t enough…Hehe… Cuz I listened the tape 3 times and I could read the text just half. So that why I got 8 but I was glad with my grade. Well done! 
26 May 05

I visited Birthe(My lovely contact person)  played with the children and talked with her. I gave her the jasmine stamp from Thailand to her and told her that Jasmine is the mother’s flower in Thailand. She was so glad… and so am I. I love her like she is my mother too. Love Birthe!

27 May 05

Today is family’s day. We went to the market near by here and I saw the Danish concert called SHU-BI-DUA with Mette and our friends. A lot of fun!

28 May 05


Today is Fon’s birthday. (My Thai friend from Chiang-ray) we had an appointment at the port 14.55. but before that I called Mui to walk and find the present for Fon in Svendborg. So we met in the morning… talk , walk and eat! Haha… In the end, we couldn’t find the present for Fon so we agreed to give her money and buy what she wants. That’s it! Hahaha…

When we arrived at Fon’s place, we ate coffee and cake and having fun for a while. We had dinner at the bowing place and of course we played bowing. Super fun! I was the winner! Hehe… Happy birthday to Fon!

29 May 05

We went to Marstal Museum. It’s the museum particularly for the ferries. Just look and play around there with the children. Fun!

30 May 05 Came back home again and got 3 trousers, 2 belts and a short from the second hand shop. I spend 90 kr. for all of that. But I’m so happy to get the trousers which I was searching for a long time.
31 May 05

I’m going to visit my second host family in Næstved. We had a birthday party for me. Wow! Cool! There were my host family and my host grand parents. I got a book about Wonderful Denmark, a book about H.c. fairy tales and money(100 kr.) so before I came back home, I spent that money bought the shirt! Great! Thank you so much for my nice party there. I appreciated!