I thought i would share with you all some little facts about our to be, new princess of Denmark...Princess Mary. As i assume most of you know i am from Tasmania..... also known to some people as THE ARSE END OF THE WORLD, our much idolised Mary is also from Tasmania. Before my arrival in Denamark i didnt expect to talk about Tasmania other then talking about my family and home................... THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The Danish love Mary... i some times wonder if they like her more than Prince Frederik. It is hard to find a magizine, major news paper or New station, that isnt running something on Mary. so here are some pictures i have decided to share with you. Enjoy....... Because im starting not to. Like a wise persone once said " to much of anything is not good for you" I HAVE REACHED MY LIMIT.....



Some say my opinions on Princess Mary are a bit rough but in MY OPINION she is beautiful, charming and a great tourist boost for Tasmania. Ok so maybe i am a little hard on the girl, but in MY OPINION if she can be half the princess and half the "NORMAL" person Princess Dianna was, ill be proud to call her Australian.





Mary at the off chance you are reading this........ you wear a dress like this EVER and your people wont be happy


if your going to get your ROYAL DANISH MUGSHOT on a stamp.......DONT make it like this one..... what were they thinking?

4.04.2004 today i called anna (exchange student from QLD) and asked her if she wanted to come down and stay for a few days. we picked her up at the train station tonight at 6.30 when solvej was going.  
5.04.2004 when we all got up today we decided to go into Odense and just show anna around the city and some little things around odense. we got some really good video footage today. . . hello im jeeping
6.04.2004 we had decided to go to the zoo today but when we got up it looked a little overcast and like it was going to rain so we thought that if it was raining no animals would come outside. so indtead we caught the train to svendborg. this was one of the funniest days i have had in denamrk. armed with a video camera and a hole lot of stupidity.... we ran riot in Svendborg.
7.04.2004 we went to Odense Zoo we had a Zoorifick time.... so today we got up and decided today was zoo day. i called emma and asked her if she wanted to come... of cause she did. so we picked up em and off we went to the zoo. amongst the time spent in the gift shop.... hehehehe us hanging out on pride rock and our own plastic made zoo, we did manage to see some animals.
8.04.2004 well after the holiday of champions with anna today we took her home on our way up to ove's ( solvej's dad) in North Jutland. having Anna stay was wicked and we had alot of fun. while she was staying we asked her to come to Prague with us in the summer holidays... that will be fun. We made a wicked movie from anna's time here.

after we dropped anna off we kept on going north. i cant tell you for how long sorry i fell asleep. when we got there i went and had  2 1/2 hour nap( while anna stayed most nights we didnt go to bed till 3.30 )  when we got up we went bowling and had a awsome time... i won the second game. after that we went and had some dinner. went back to ove's watched some T.V. and went to bed.

9.04.2004 when we all got up we went to the beach.... its a beautifull beach, the best i have seen in Denmark. although it was a little chilli and a LOT of wind we went for a walk. afther than we called into  a ice cream shop where i had Belgum waffels and ice cream mmmmmmm yummie. then we drove to Aalbore and looked around the city, although it was sunday and everything was easter friday and everything was shut. we went and had lunch in a pub in Jomfru Anne gade (virgin anne street) its a famouse street that has onl pubs in it. it was pretty quiet while we were there but i can imagine what it would be like at night time.
10.04.2004 when we woke up today bjarke and i went to the beach again. Solvej went for a walk around the town. we again went to Aalbore because yesterday while we were having lumch Bjarke left his hat at the pub. we had a look around in some of the shops today because they were open. didnt find anything to interesting. we went and picked up his hat and because the food was so good yesterday we had lunch again. then we drove off into the sunset... well we drove off towards Fyn.. dont know about the sunset.
13.04.2004 started back at school today... im kinda glad to be back.
16.04.2004 well i was off school at 11,20 today so i went to Odense to meet up with emma and we had a look around the city and oh my god i cant believe how much things have changed because of the weather its getting warm now and every one is eating out at cafe's and everything about it is wonderful.

i went to meet Line and netto at 8.45 and then we went to winnies cos she has just moved in with another girl so they were having a party kinda thing. didnt stay to long i needed some sleep so i was home at like 12.30. watched some simpsons and went to bed.

27.04.2004 i got home today and i dont really know why but , I GOT HOMESICK. mind you it only really lasted for like an hour or so.so i tried to call linda but she didnt answer so i called mum and we had a chat then i called linda again and we had a chat, it was going good until my phone card ran out. then iwent down sairs again and it was like Bjarke could read my like a book, i needed to get out of the house so he asked me if i wanted to go for a drive so we went for a drive to faborg ( i think thats how you spell it) anyway its on the coast so we went for a walk around there then went to visit his dad who lives in faborg. we also got some fish from a local shop, we got home and cooked it and i must say without saying rude, i thought it would have been alot better than what it was, you know denmark being surrounded by water and stuff. anyway it was still good to have some fish.
28.04.2004 i had school as normal today. When i got home bjarke and i went for another drive, this time in the country to visit Jens although he wasnt home so we called him and he was at his mum and dads so we went to visit them there. i really like just going for a drive. not to look at anything in particular just to look about.
29.04.2004 i had PE today and well i wonce again TRIED  to play vollyball and once again faild with all i had. but after PE i was supposed to have spanish but i went home because had to go with Bjarke to the Kommune to talk to them about language school, (incase you didnt know my language classes just out of the blue stopped) so after paying 1000,- (,- stands for kroner which is what the danish use) so after than i was able to go to language school that after noon which was great. and today i vowed to speak mainly danish at home. although with the amount of words i know being limited i dont know how it will go.
30.04.2004 i had school today but only till 11.20 we had german in which i did some danish homework with some help fomr søren. then we had history and we finnished watching a movie about the war in irland. and i must admit line and i were sitting there with tiers in our eyes, it was so sad. Line came back to my house after school and we watched some Anne from green gables, where we once again cried. Bjarke and i went to pick Solvej up from Nyborg then we came home and watched some tv and thats about it