Egeskove maj 1st 2004

mmmm ice cream

i was kinda scared here cos it was pitch black and i couldnt see what was in their but the flash on the camera shows all...

this was a cool old styled shop

a old old old commodore


me with a cool old bike

this is the best danish beer

a cool harley

gangsta car

these next few are from the car and bike museum at egeskove


my car

the tree top walk


just around

me and solvej

lady in distress

me in the maze

read this if you can

-----> the doll

while they were renovating the castle they placed a box over her just in case she moved

the grounds at egeskov



i love this place

hehehehe the goats

solvej's hand not mine

this goat was cool

mmmm ice cream

danish people eat lots of it

some of the MANY animal heads and so on in the castle

me and solvej about to go in

in one of the rooms in the castle... i wanted to take it home

me and the castle

these pictures follow you around the room


a very very old pokie machine

they were putting on a viking dinner for someone

this is the ORIGINAL  superman suit

some of the gardens

me and bjarke in thedrive way at egeskov



me Carla Anna and Lana at Felix

anna and i at jacobs

Lars and Jacob...... arnt they cute

matt nick and i

our food

carla and simon

the boys think they can cook.....hahahaha


and more

and more

they still think they can cook

the food just kept going

so we kept eating

and eating

adam nick and me

kristians new hair


me trying to get to annas

i gave up

anna and i b4 we went out

anna maree and dan


me...ahhhh not makup


anna the next morning

ok ok so im not looking hot htere

but i am here

amd here

we loved the hat



thank god she had her head