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i recieved i email from a really good friend of mine Laura who is on exchnge in Brazil for one year and she had written a poem about how things are in Brazil and what she is used to in Australia. After reading her poem i thought about it and i made my own. i hope you enjoy it. If it's ok with Laura i will post her poem on here as well but ill have to get in contact with her first.


Back yard cricket,
played on freshly cut grass,
if its not a BBQ,
sorry, i think i'll pass
The sun is shining,
the birds have something to say,
everyone cracks a tinny,
its all in a summers day
Sorting the warm from the cold,
i pack my things away,
mum and i hug,
there are feelings that maybe i should stay
The time has come,
i have to say goodbye,
my life has changed,
im so afraid to fly
My palms are sweaty,
im starting to shake,
this life is mine,
it's for no one to take
Descending to a snow capt city,
my heart begins to race,
33hrs and 4 countries later,
im so glad to see a familiar face
Shoes are left behind,
no one said i had to fill,
words can mean a thousand things,
but actions can kill
The tears are coming,
they start to roll down my face,
i long for home so much,
i need time and space
School has started,
it isn't what i expected,
nothing is understood,
i don't need my english corrected
Time is passing,
the sun is getting brighter,
this place is almost home,
im so glad im a fighter



Hi!  While i was sitting in my freak German maths class I thought i'd give a poem a go.  Apparently that's what all the exchange students do and it helps them from going CRAZY.  It''s pretty bad, definately not something Annie Mc would be proud of but i wrote it surrounded by my worst nightmare (maths) and being shouted at in German.  You kinda have to have been or be here to understand but anyway...

A Little Help from Dorothea Mackellar

The waft of ripe bananas,
Of steamy, sweaty rains,
Feelings of uncertainty,
Are running through my veins.

Strong love of clear, starlit nights,
Of sand coloured pure white.
I miss my native homeland.
Brazil will not suffice.

I love my sun burnt country,
A land of little rain.
Of bitchamen pathed footpaths,
Of few children in pain.

I love her smiling people,
I love her native tongue.
A land in which I am allowed
To go out and have fun.

The stark white painted road lines,
In which everyone drives.
The smooth fresh taste of beer;
I love Australian pride!

Salad without vinegar,
The tangy taste of cheese.
Chocolate smooth and creamy
Give me a meat pie please!

Core of my heart, my country,
Where sleezy guys are few,
Where you can walk so safely
Without all eyes on you.

Core of my heart, Australia,
Eleven more months to go!
Though it hurts to live away,
As a person I shall grow.

Brazil also holds a place,
Inside my heart true blue.
A drumming world of dancing,
Of culture I never knew.

But over the chopping ocean,
Positioned on its own.
There lies my sun burnt country,
There lies my only home.

Love you! Laura xox


this song has been slightly changed to suit all readers.


 Exchanges, exchanges a long way from home.
> We're highly obnoxious, so leave us alone.
> We drink when we're thirsty. We drink when we're dry.
> We drink till we're motherless and then we get high.
> We are exchanges, exchanges, exchanges
> We live it up we do,  we live it up we do
> So come on and join the party and pass more " Tequila 2".
> If the ocean was whisky and I was a duck,
> I'd swim to the bottom and drink my way up.

> Host brothers, host sisters, we love them a lot.
> A matter of fact it can get pretty hot.
> We like to give kisses, we like to give hits.
> But too many kisses get us in deep shit.
> Someday we'll be doctors, someday engineers.
> But right at this moment we're into our beers.
> No drinking, no driving, no dating, no grass
> These stupid rules are a pain in the ass.
> We like to eat chocolate, we like to eat cake,
> we like to eat ice cream and gain lots of weight.
> Our butts may be fat and our thighs may grow.
> But give us a chance and we'll give you a blow.
> We're highly disorganized, we're fucked in the head.
> We just hope one day we don't drink ourselves dead.

> We like to party hard, we may be there last,
> but that doesn't matter  we drink really fast.
> At the end of the night we smell like a skunk,
> but that doesn't matter, we're probably drunk.
> Exchanges like us, we sometimes do wrong,
> but give us a chance and sing you a song.
> The songs that we sing, we think they're a hit.
> But to tell you the truth, they're a big load of shit.