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Being an Exchange student is one of the best things i think i have ever done and i want to thank my parents for giving me this once in a life time experience.

The time is going by so fast its unbelievable, almost 4 months have gone by and i cant justify in words how i am feeling. i LOVE Denmark with all my heart and soul and everyone here. being on exchange has MADE me grow, reluctantly i will admit i am a bit of a mummy and daddy's girl, but having to catch a train (having never caught one before) by myself when i cant speak Danish and living with people i knew next to nothing about. then their is the big one... IM RESPONSIBLE FOR MYSELF... i have to do my washing, i have to make sure i get up in time for school and i have to make sure im under budget (not always as easy as it sounds) and it is all these things that make me get home sick and it is also these things that make me believe i can now take on anything that comes my way HEAD FIRST.

When i first arrived in Denmark i had it fixed in my head, i have me to depend on and only me. in a way this is true for me, i can sometimes have problem with asking for help... ( thanx dad i get it from you) but i soon found out that Danes are amongst the most loving and helpful people i know and it is at this moment i should say THANKYOU SOLVEJ AND BJARKE YOU GUYS MEAN MORE TO ME THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE, YOU ARE A LARGE PART OF WHY I LOVE THIS COLD LITTLE COUNTRY. 



Although you always hear about the wonderful things that exchange students do and the amazing people they meet there is more to it than that. I've been an exchange student for almost a month now and i will admit there are days i don't want to get out of bed because i know im not going to walk out of my room at be at home. Home sickness is amongst the worst feelings i have ever had. As a result of homesickness i think you become a stronger person. it's on these days that you have to make yourself get out of bed and go do things, otherwise you will never experience the people and places that are going to make this home just for one year.


A commonly asked question i have found is WHY??? Why come to Denmark, and i have sometimes found it hard to answer then a friend from school asked me to write for the school newspaper on why i came to Denmark so i thought i would share it with you all.


Why did i decide to come to Denmark? That is something i am frequently asked. As a result it's something i find im asking myself. The answer is so simple i sometimes question it. If you were to ask me i would mumble ummmmm ahhhhh i don't really know but the answer would finally come.

I decided to come to Denmark for the only two things i knew about Denmark. I wanted to see the Little Mermaid statue and i wanted to go to Lego land. Every one home in Tasmania called me silly for wanting to fly 33hr stopping in 4 different countries just to see a statue and some lego. I often questioned my sanit. No for the hours it would take to get here or my reasons for coming but the weather. When i left Tasmania it was a sunny 25 degrees C and i had spent the past two months back and forth to the beach with my friends.

The day came and through tears i said goodbye to family and friends and set off full of excitement and fear. I've been here for almost a month now and looking back i laugh at my reasons for coming but im great full for my poorly educated decision. I have found there is so much more to Denmark than the Little Mermaid statue and lego land. There is a beautiful country with wonderful people. So thats why i decided to come to Denmark and if you ask me in 11 months, thats why i wont want to go home.