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this is my pop, me, linda, and georgie

My sisters Georgie & Linda

Dad, Me & Mom. My School Ball (Dance)

Patrick, Georgie, Mum, Linda, Me & Dad

Our Farm, with our House on the right

Me and my Car

Me and Ina (German exchange student). Before School in Winter Uniform

me and my best friend ab on the left

and a good friend jacki on the right at

school after a water fight

Matt, Pop, Travis and Ben and my 18th

Adrian, me and luke. school ball 2002

my little cousin Erin

Partick, Georgie, Mum, Linda, Me, Dad


Mum, Dad, Linda, Georgie and me 

our back yard

Ina (exchange student from Germany) Me and my Dad


Luke (cousin) and I

Linda and I

Mum, Me and Dad

School ball 2003

Nan and Pop (dec.)




Chris and I

School Ball 2002


Luke, Chris, Matt, Cal

Me, Emily, Ally

Emily, Alex, Amanda

Adam, Nathan

Me Ingz and Jodie

Ab, Fletch and I

Alex and i

Evie and I

Andrew, Danny Ilz, Ally, Ally


Danny and Evie

Evie and I

Evie, Loz, Charlett, me and Kylie

Ina and I

Clint and I

Me Amy and Maddi

Marf, Me, Jamie

Jodz, Jenna,Laura


Jenna Maho and Dan

Me and Laura ( exchange in Brazil)

My best friend Ab and I

Ally, Clint, Me and Ilz 

Jill and Tab 

Maho, Ab and Ina