03.02.2004 today was my first day at language school and it was sooooooo cool there is two other exchange students from Australia. one from sydney and other from SA not sure where though. learning danish wasnt to bad cos we are all as crap as each other and just laugh all the time. there are also some guys from canada so when us five get together is so funny for everyone else cos we just talk flat out and the girls from brazil said it didnt even sound like english anymroe. im going again on thursday. i go every tuesday and thursday so i cant wait.
04.02.2004 didnt do much today only............................. BOOK A FLIGHT TO NORWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going on the 18th of this month for 8 days....... cant wait, oh and by the way its to see Anette im notjust going by myself.
05.02.2004 today was one of the best days i have had so far. i didnt have to start school till 9.45 so that in its self is wicked, but then we had a extended lunch because we had a football game at school so it was really only half a day. so about 1ish about 10 of us went to Aldi and had a few drinks. that afternoon about 3 we also had a school cafe so we went back there had a few more drinks then went and had some pizza in town and i was home in bed by 8........ but it was a wicked day.
06.02.2004 today bj and i got up early and drove to german to buy some coke and CD's in bulk because its so much cheaper there than it is in Denmark.
07.02.2004 today i sat on the couch and didnt move........
10.02.2004 today i didnt go to school because bj took the day off and we went for a drive south of Ringer to a smaller island to a place called Bregninge and we went to see a caslte and while we were walking around one of bj's old friends drove by and it turned out he was the manager of a place that has all the Danish historic boats. it was closed at the time but he took us in and showed us around it was prettu cool. we then went down to RudkÝbing today was just a goodd day and i had a good look around.
14.02.2004 Emma from my language school, she is also from australia (SA) came over about 5 and then Mads came and picked us up around 8. we then went and had a few drinks at one of Mads friends. about 10.30pm about 15of us went to Svendborg bowling..... drunk bowling is the best....... after that we went back to the guys place and drank some more. got home about 3.30am

This is Emma she is my best Aussie bud in Denmark. Your a Tiger Emma

15.02.2004  although i was looking like crap and i felt about the same emma and i got up and we took her home at 8 because i had to go to my meeting with Aspects. it was really cool cos i got to meet up with two of the othe exchange students, Brendon (NZ) and Anna (AUS) but there were were two others that didnt come one from NZ and the other from AUS. we got home about 3 and i was sleeping like a baby at 4
16.02.2004 i havent really done anything much today. im on school holidays at the moment and im going to Norway on wednesday so i had to go to the train startion and pick up my ticket to KÝpenhaven and then i went to the post office and sent some stuff home. i've also done some washing cos i realised i had NO clothes to take away.
17.02.2004 called home today and had a big chat to my family before i go away. i packed today but its so hard to know what to take when everything i would take is everything i brought here, pus im not really sure about the weather. just hanging out at home today going to have a early night ill be up about 4ish tomorrow.