10.01.2004 I arrived about 9:30am and i couldn't believe there was SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!   After landing i went and collected my suitcase then went to meet Bj and we drove home. When we got home we had lunch while elise was still here and then shortly after it was her turn to go to the airport. At this time Jens a good friend of Bj's and my rep from aspects stayed at the house with me. Come 3pm i thought i was going to die i was that tied but stuck it out untill 4pm and then i went to bed. I woke up again at 10:30pm and came downstairs to watch some tv, went back to bed at about midnight. I was wide awake at 3am and had nothing better to do so i unpacked my suitcase. went back to bed arounf 3:45am
11.01.2004 Today i got up around 8am so i got up and went down stairs and Bj was up so i checked my emails. Jens came over because he and Bj were ment to go swimming, i was invited but declined, the thought of swimming when i know there is snow outside just some how doesnt seem right to me. the swimming idea fell through so we all had breakfast together. At this time like everyone else so far i got Jens to try some Promite, he said yes but only if i had some lever postej which is basicly mushed up sloppy liver  dip. so i wacked some of that on a piece of bread closed my eyes and hoped for the best, and to tell you th truth it actually wasnt that bad. Jens on the other hand tried not to screw his face up and the tast of my beloved promite. later in the day Bj and took a drive around Ringe and Fyn and i saw my first castle. we then went to visit some family friends. we had some lunch there where i again as i promised i would do i tried something new. this time it was fish in a tomato sause with mayo on bread ( they eat everything on bread here) now this stuff they should put a beauty warning on it. it was almost quite possibly the most horrible thing i have ever eaten and not to mention the skin blemishes i now have from pulling the kinda face you make from the tast of it. today was also a first in i had my first Danish beer. as far as beer goes it wasnt to bed not to bitter  like the beer at home is.  we arrived home and bj was on a mission not to let me go to bed before 9pm  and so i didnt mind you the last hour was spent sitting in front of the tv basicly in a coma from being so tied. 9pm came and i was in bed faster than you could believe.
12.01.2004 Today was good in the way that we did some stuff that helps me to settle in. first we went to school and i met the principal vice principal my class and mads on of elises friends showed me around the school. later we went to th council to see about getting my personal number. after that we went for a walk around the city and did some shopping. we came home and watched a DVD then had some tea. the three of us spent alot of time just talking tonight while we had tea which was really good then bj and i were up to 10:30 playing music and talking about bands which i also really enjoyed. Today also had 2 firsts in denmark. 1 i cried for the first time. i dont really know why or what brought it on but all of a sudden i missed everyone and everything about home. so eventhough they say you shoudlnt i rang home and it did make things a little bit better. 2 now this is on a much higher note. i went to my first danish bakery and had my first danish pastry........................... BIG mistake.
13.01.2004 i was a little bit excited today because i was going to school again but know i knew atleast one person. i only went for half an hour to attend a school meeting. i met some more people and they were really nice. i then went for a walk in the city by myself and had a look in some shops and them came home. after lunch it started to SNOW so being the silly little Australian i am i put on my boots, coat and anything warm i had and went for a long walk in the snow. about 40 minutes later wet and still full of beans i came home. oh and about that mistake from yesterday..................... i went to the bakery again. i have now set myself a limit of one trip to the bakery a week.
14.01.2004 today solvej and i had to go the the council again today and i got my passport back now im just waiting on my liitle yellow card whick will basicly pay for all my health stuff like if i need to go to the dentist ór doctor or something like that so thats really cool. although i dont plan on needing to go. after that we came home and i walked to school and met up with mads at 11.20 ( lunch break) to meet some more people. so did that and they all seemed nice. after lunch mads class were working on projects in the computer room so i went to class with him and met some more people. after school we went for a walk in town. that was basicly my day, by this time im dead with tiedness, still getting over jet lag a bit but it's gettting better


didnt really do much these two day just went to school for a little while each day and on the 16th the guys took me to aldi a place they go and drink after school on fridays. it was pretty cool because it had snowed alot that day so everything was really pretty. i also on friday had what i would almost call the world biggest hot dog it was 1 meter long, i took some pics so ill put them on the site when bj has the time to show me how.
17.01.2004 today i had my first trip to Odense. Bj and i went there to fix one of his friends computers but before hand we took a look at one of the shopping complexes and it was that big that half the time i had no idea where we were. we also went and took at look at one of the lakes in Odense and that was pretty cool. Bj showed me where i was going to be going to language school. oh and while we were at the shopping complex i had and icecream and i told Bj i wanted the smallest one, so what do i get, this massive waffle cone with like three differant types of icecream in it. apparently that was a small one and you can get them with like 30 scoops of icecream.............. HELLO WHO CAN EAT THAT MUCH. that afternoon Mads came round because he was taking me to a train party that night. ok so what is a train party. well because the train is free for this Jan and it is also legal to drink in public we made a party on the train. we basicly hoped on the train in Ringe and rode up and down Fyn drinking. it was pretty awsome and then after that we came back home about 8 of us and drank some more here. we at this time got the fideo camera out.....so maybe you can see some of that later. the lastpeople left at about 3:30-4:00 am. it was all in all a good night.
18.01.2004 well as you can imagine after yesterday i did NOTHING mads and i got up and didnt move at all from the couch, mads went home and i didnt move. i called home alot today. home sickness is starting to set in..................:(
19.01.2004 today was my first day at school... well my first real day at school. it was good in the way that i got to meet some more people but they didnt seem to talk much.
20.01.2004 first at school today we had P.E. and ahhhh well lets put it this way there is maybe a reason i havent played badmiton before ..................because im CRAP. today i got to know my class alot more and talked heaps with them. in danish class my teacher was really cool and he is going to teach me 4 new words every lesson so that is wicked. aslo three of the girls from my class said that on saturday they will take me to Odense to have a look in the shops and maybe see a movie so im really looking forward to that.


School has pretty much just been school. Im starting to enjoy it alot more now because im getting to know my class and so that is making it easier, they are all really nice people and most of the teachers are ok. im also starting to find my way around school a little bit more too. it's not that it's big just that it all looks the same.
23.01.2004 today was a wicked day. i had school like normal but then we had a school party at night. they turn like the common area of the school into a disco. at the start there was a stand up comedian and im sure he was really funny but i couldnt actually understand what he was saying so that was a bit annoying. later they had like a dj with all like wicked lights and stuff then they had a live band...... oh and they also have a bar well two actually...... yeah i know a bar at a school party it's awsome. another thing that i found out they have at school, is eftpos. so you go buy your lunch and pay for it with a card, and people actually use it ALOT.
24.01.2004 today i got up early although from last night i will admit to not being in the best state. Bj and i drove north for about an hour and a half to a place called Silkeborg. We went up there because Bj had to do some work so i went for the trip. He spent about an hour and a half working then we went for a walk into the town and i got some really good bargans :) i got two jumpers and a pair of trousars for a grand total of aprx.$30 yeah thats right $30. tomight night i went to Mads and just a few people came round, i didnt drink, was still a bit sick.....


just been going to school not much else. things are starting to get normal so the fun stuff is only really on the weekends´.
29.01.2004 today was also just another school day until....... i got home and last night bj and i had this stilly idea that we would go snow baking because we had so much snow this week. when bj got home and we put on our bathers got some chairs and went out side and yeah snow baked. we video taped it so you can all see it later.
31.01.2004 today was like a normal saturday i got up around 8 and then before i know it it was like 3pm and i was still in my p.j's. tonight bj, solvje and i went to Odense and had chines, it was really good. after that we went to a bar called Rylie's where i was told i had to order the drinks, so naturally i started freaking out because like i had any idea what to say ....... but then it clicked it was an irish bar. so i ordered in english and i got what i wanted. later that i found out that the bar man couldnt actually speak danish. even thought you wouldnt think it but knowing somone else cant speak danish is actually a big comfort when it surrounds you every day.