4.03.2004 well how can i describe today other than absolute hell.things still arn't going to well with my class and today was the breaking point. i only hade two hours of class and in that two hours i was spoken to once and that was to ask what i was doing. so being the emotional little girl i am i came home and balled my eyes out, it was one of the worst feelings i had had since being here. so at 1,15 i pulled myself together and caught the bus to language school. had a talk with some of the other exchange students there about school and stuff and when i got home bjarke and i sat down and had a big chat. he told me this didnt have to be like this and he rang katcha. i had a talk to her and she was really good. she told me that she would come over tomorrow morning and we would go to school and sort all this mess out. there was little talkes that if i cant change classes, i will maybe change schools, at the moment i dont really know what i want to do other than i know im NOT staying in that class.
5.03.2004 i slept like a baby last night, i think yesterday wore me out but today was going to be a challange. katcha came over and we had some breakfast. while katcha and i were having a chat bjarke made a call to VUC its like a kind of school in Ringe that people go to if say they have been traveling after high school and cant get into a gymnasium, there are also some mature age students there, this is one of the possibilities if things dont go to well at school today. we went and had a meeting with Anne from school and well i didnt understand much cos it was all in danish but im kinda glad, if i couldnt understand i couldnt get upset, right. the three of them, bjarke, katcha and anne were all like i've never seen them before. things turned out good and i am aloud to change classes, at the time i didnt really mind what class then they offered for me to go into mad's class so i am going into 2b on monday, im pretty stoked.
6.03.2004 didnt really do alot today but solvej and i went to see a movie tonight, it was pretty good it was 'The Haunted Mantion' with Eddie Merphy in it. it was good.
8.03.2004 I was rudly awoken today, but it was ok the family rang today cos it was linda's birthday. the plan was they were going to ring at 8am DK time.......but linda couldnt hold off. she rang at 6.30am DK time......................... hello i was sleeping. we had a good chat. i started my frist day in my new class today as well it was really good.
9-11.03.2004 just been at school, i love my new class.
12.03.2004 after school today icame home and mads and mexico came picked me up this evening and we went to Katrina's house a girl from my new class and had a few drinks, had a really good time and everyone there was really nice. didnt drink much and got home about 2am
13.03.2004 well today i was just sitting one the computer talking to emma on msn the we decided that we both were bored and had nothing to do so i said i would come see here........ problem bjarke and solvej were in bed, i had no idea what bus to catch and i had never caught a train by my self so i rang em and she talked me through catching the train..... yeah so it might sound easy all you have to do is catch a train....... yeah and it would be if the ticket machine wasnt in DANISH. so i caught the train and everything was fine, no drama's. Bjarke came and picked me up about 5 and then Mads came over for tea. i was on the internet after tea looking at some articals about the crash at trefoil island that Daniel was killed in and it all got to, tomorrow was the one year since it happened and so i just sat there and cried........ solvej came and gave me a hug and it helped more than i think she could ever imagine. i spent a bit of time by myself in my room and then i was ok. about 11pm we all went to the Felex bar and saw a band called Bad Boys of Boogie. they were really good. came home not sure what the time was and pretty much went strait to bed.
14.03.2004 as today was the one yr i was a bit scared of how i was going to be feeling so Lina ( from my new class) came over and we just watched tv and movies all day. we watched : anne of green gables, save the last dance and then things i hate about you. i held up really well, we took Line home after tea.
16.03.2004 was feeling a bit lonley tonight so i rang mum...... she made it all better
17.03.2004 dont have school till 12,50 today. then after school im catching the train to Odense and emma and i are going Fancy Dress shopping for a party on Saturday night. should be fun.
19.03.2004 today i had to start school at normal time.....8am some thing i wasnt to happy about let me tell you. although it wasnt all bad i was off at 11.20. i was supposed to catch the train to Odense and meet emma but Mads and his brother were going so they drove me. i met emma and we had  a look around a few shops and took some pictures of what i will call "interesting" statues, ill put the pictures on the page soon. then we saw these guys in the stree having a sword fight with plastick swords. it was so cool they were putting on like a little show. then after that it started to rain. so we went and got LOTS of candy and went and waited in the rain for bjarke to pick me up and ate all out candy......mmmmmmmmmm.

tonight i was supposed to go to a concert but i didnt go cos i had a head ach and i was soooooo tiered so i went to bed at 9pm and didnt get up will 9.15 the next morning.

20.03.2004 after my big sleep last night i didnt do much in the morning then Emma came over and we went to Line's about 4.30 we got ready at Line's for Kristian andPierre's 18th, it was a fancy dress party and was really wicked. tonight was one of the best parties i have been to while in Denmark, everyone was just so nice and friendly and there was just a awsome feel to the party.
21.03.2004 Last night was wicked and didnt emma and i know it today..... we got up about 11 and decided we wanted nacho's, so we set off to go to Alta (supermarket down the road) to get some stuff to make out nacho's but not thinking it was sunday and they wernt open, oh and by the way it was bucketing down with rain so we were kinda wet, then we thought to go to a "tank station" cos they have everything in them from beer to cheese to lotto tickets so we got there and did our shopping. after eating the nacho's the rest of the day was spent on the couch watching T.V. and well basicly not doing much.
23.03.2004 OH MY GOD TODAY WAS AWSOME !!!!! when class was over and we had lunch i checked my phone and there was a message from Bjarke and all it said was can you call me asap. so i started to get worried and thought something was wrong, so i rang and he was like is there any city in the world you would like to go to and im like why, then he told me that Aspect is planning a trip to PARIS  that we can go on, so i franticly rang mum and she and dad were like ok so IM GOING TO PARIS. we leave on the 10th of May and we are there till the 16th, i sooooooooo cant wait.
27-30.03.2004 went to north jutland to stay with neil, exchange student from WA, didnt do much went to a party saturday night then caught the train home monday afternoon, it took 3hrs 45mins....... it was hell.