1.05.2004 Today was the first day that Eskov was open so Solvej Bjarke and i went it was really cool and i cant believe i went inside a castle it was awsome. we spent about 4 hours their and looked at the car and motorbike museums they have went for a tree top walk, went and got lost in the mase and stuff like that ( there are pics in the pic page).Then that night i went to falsetten  which i really really enjoyed. Falsetten is basicly this big old shed and about once a month you can go their and they have local bands playing and its just a awsome. their was about 15-20 of us and i just had a awsome time. got home about 2,30 am
2.05.2004 i slept in today till about 12 then when i got up Bjarke and i went to Eskov again because they hade a exibition of old danish motorbikes, it wasnt as good as we thought it would be but it was ok. then after  we went to Jens ans sanne's and Jens took me for a ride on his harly... i will admit i was kinda scared but it was really cool. we got it all on tape too.
3.05.2004 had school today and it was overly boring after school mads and i went to Odense cos he had to do some stuff then we just hung out, didnt do much but it  was good. then he came home with me and him me and bjarke watch this thing about australian sex habits hosted by grettal from big brother so you can imagian how wuality it was... good for a laugh though. ( all this week on one TV station is australian friend week so they are playing lots of australian tv)
4.05.2004 i had school today then after that i had to go to Odense to language school. Emma and i went into the city after language school. we got some dinner and went and had it in a park... it was nice and relaxing. then we went to Ryans which is a irish pub, it's really cool cos it is actual irish people working in their.. and they seel xxxx and VB beer in their. for "The Wedding" they are bringing in another 4 so we plan to go back and see what they have got. we had a beer (cos we are students a mint of tuborg was only 25,- cheap) and then i messaged bjarke to see if he wanted to come have a drink with us so he came and had a drink then after that we took emma home to her new host family and we went home.
5.05.2004 well i didnt got to school today. i had lasted 4 months without going to a chiropractor but today i had to, he was really nice and did a good job, hope i dont have to go back though. then bjarke and i took a drive to Jutland to visit bjarkes grandfather (farfar in danish) he was sooooo sweet and nice and doing very good for 94.
10-16.05.2004 PARIS.... all the info on my travels page
17.05.2004 well after the past 6 days i have had..... im kinda bored its quiet at home and there are no loud Australians all around me... i really miss it and i cant wait till the 12th, we are all (the gang from paris) meeting up in Copenhagen at Jacobs place for a BBQ and to hang out for the weekend... its going to be so much fun
20.05.2004 well today we went to odense train station to pick up Carla Lana and Anna the three other girls who went to paris (all australians) they have come to stay for a few days so we can work on the DVD from Paris... i can tell you know we are going to have so much fun but not so much sleep.
21.05.2004 after working on the Video all day we all decided that we deserved a night out. there was a band playing at Felix a bar in Ringe so we all headed down after some dinner a few drinks and some water pipe (thanx anna) we had a awsom time the band was a Robbie Williams cover and they were really good. Carla and Lana came home about 2,30... I think then Anna and i came home about 4 .... the sun was just comming up.... not good, but it was all in fun
22.05.2004 After last night we all had a sleep in apart from Lana who had to be home today so she was on a train at 9,30... poor girly then we did more on the VIDEO i think we were up till about mid night
23.05.2004 VIDEO!!!!!!!! and we put anna on a train about 10,30 then more VIDEO!!!!!
24.05.2004 well the Video is finally done.... YIPEE so we watched it and i think i will be happy if i dont see it again for a while. we put Carla on a train about 5 and then i went home and didnt do much....
25.05.2004 i had school today but only form 9,45-11,20 Spanish... so as you can imagine i did alot NOT but it was my last day so i had to go. after that i went with the guys to have a beer but i didnt drink because i had to go to language school. i went to language school about 2 and had a lesson with just me and the teacher because every one else in my class is with rotary and they are all on euro tour at the moment, but it was really good we talked alot on danish.
26.05.2004 today was my first day of school holidays so i have started in the best way. i slept in till almost 11 then got up and sorted out some stuff that im sending home dvd's and things like that. so after that just stuck around home did some washing then Bjarke and i went to Odense to get a few things and we got Chinese for tea..... oh my god it was the best chinese i have ever had.... so gooo.