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18th feb. 2004

ok so today at like 4.20am i had to get up, and for anyone who knows me im not a pretty thing at 4.20am. Why was i up this early?today im going to Norway to visit Anette a girl who was on exchange with my family in 1996. Solvej and i were up early as we had to drive to Odense to catch a train to KÝbenhaven at 6am. the train took me all the way to the airport. after a 1hr flight i landed in oslo. Ola picked me up from the airport and we caught the bus back to Anettes. Ola went home and was going to come back and have tea with us. After he left Anette and i went to the Oslo city park and had a walk around, this park is huge full of statues. Ola came over for tea and i was in bed quite early


19h feb. 2004

i had a big sleep in today while Anette had a few hours of uni. when she got home we caught the tube into the city and walked upto the Kings caslte and saw the changing of the guards. we then went in to the city and did some shopping. in the evening we caught the tube to one of Anettes friends house because it was her birthday and just ate and talked to some more ppl.


20th feb. 2004

today  i went back to the park and took lots of pics and some video tape of around the park and then went for another walk in the city. After tea we walked to a friend of Anettes house and had a couple of drinks. One of the other girls that were there had just spent three weeks in WA so we talked alot. 


21st feb. 2004

this morning we caught a bus to Elverum where Anettes mum and dad live. it took about 2hrs on the bus but i got to see alot of Norway including the biggest lake which was really beautiful at this time because it was surrounded by snow capt hill with little towns on them, it really was beautiful. when we got there we went to Anettes mums house ( thats where we were staying) we then went for a look around on this little slay thing, sorry i cant remember what its called but someone stands on the back and there is a little seat on the front, the whole thing is on little ski thingies. After this we thought it would be fun for me to trycross country  skiing, not such a good idea after all. i couldnt get any momentum up so we thought maybe if i try a slights slope, and by slight i mean it was bearly nothing. that was a great idea.................. until i realised i couldnt stop. the realisation of this came to me while i was sitting in the snow in a painful heap with ski's and ski poles going in every direction. that evening we went to Anettes dad's house for tea, now in Norway i have been told that in just about every house hold Friday night is PIZZA NIGHT. now there is only one thing i have to say about Norwegan pizza............TRY IT  it was the best thing i have ever had.


22nd feb. 2004

today we we went round to Anettes brothers house Morten to visit him his wife and their new daughter Maria. While we were there we all went for a walk to an outdoor museum of Norwegan houses. it was pretty cool i expected them to be like Danish houses i dont know why, but they didnt look a think like them. there was one house that had been turned into the museums catering areain this building they used to hold a circus, now to me a circus is with animals, acrobats and clowns. but in the days when this one was held the attractions were to come and see a man with dark skin, yeah thats right a man with dark skin. it is said to be the place the first dark skinned person whas in norway. the other attraction for the circus is something that i think might still turn some heads today, that being a bearded woman. At about 5 we went back to Anettes mums house to have tea. we caught the bus back to Oslo at 7.


23rd feb. 2004

i didnt do much through the day today but around 2 we went to Anettes aunties house for tea. she and her family had also been looking after frank while we were in Elverum. while we were at her aunties house we took the dogs for a walk which sounds like a pretty normal thing. but it was something i had never actually done before, i mean of cause i've walked a dog, just not on a frozen lake. i will admit at first i was a little nervouse about walking on a frozen lake and was sceptical of just how frozen it was but everything turned out good.


24th feb. 2004

today we went upto the mountain the 1985 winter game were held at and saw the olympic ski jump. now this might now sound like much but unless you see it yourself you can not imagine how high and steep this thing is. even stanging close to it made me feal like a midget. tonight we went to the movies and saw brother bear ( in english of cause) and if you havent seen it yet i strongly suggest you do it's a awsome film.


25th feb. 2004

Today was by far my favourite day in my whole trip. we caught the train upto the mountain of the games again but this time it was a little more action pact. we spent the day going down the bobsled track on little tabogen type sleds. the run from top to bottom lasted about 10 mins then you had to catch the train back to the top on the mountain. although i went home stiff, cold and bruised it was the best time i could have imagined.

26th feb. 2004

today is my last day although i dont leave until 8.55pm. we had planned to go back up to the bobsled run again today, but we ran into a problem when i could only just move enough to get out of bed. today i spent the day in front of the tv and didnt move much.i arrived back in Denmark at 10pm where Solvej and Bjarke picked me up. we were home about 11.45pm and i raced through the door to open a package from my family back in Australia. there was lollie letters pics and other bits and pieces, but the reason for the excitement was i had a video from home that i was dying to see. after watching it it was about 1.30 so i draged myself tobed.




  (The view from the castle)
















     me playing around with the camera.......

  a cinima in Oslo called the Coliseum  outside the building they had the circus inn.